Saturday, December 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mom & Dad!

It is my mom and my dad's birthday today!
You read that right.
Their birthday is on the same day!!!!
Pretty cool, right?
Oh, and guess what!
Their anniversary's are on the same day, too!!!!!!

They are exactly ten years apart.
Dad says, when he turned ten, God gave him his greatest gift!

I love my parents!
They make me happy!

Between the two... we are way beyond blessed.

Some great things about my parents.

My parents care about everything, big or small, that goes on in our lives
There is nothing too small or too big to talk to my parents about.

Their marriage is a picture of something beautiful!!
A picture of Christ!
Mom and dad have been married 24 years and they still love each other, SO much!
It is sad that that is getting rare these days.
Mom and dad go on a date at least once a month.... and they get excited about it!
It is pretty great to have parents that are still in love.

I do not remember a day that my parents haven't been sitting by the fire, dad reading the Bible to mom.
Many a time I have heard them praying together....
They would pray for the lives of each of us.
For our futures, plans, spouses, etc.
That God would be preeminent in our home.
For little and big things in our lives.
Let me tell you, it means a LOT to a kid to hear their parents praying!

Mom and dad have a great sense of humor.
They really have to with all the crazy kids they have!

Mom and dad love to sing.
I love singing with them!
They love to worship the Lord.
They also like it when you sing crazy/ hilarious songs for them.

When I was 13, I went to the Philippines with my parents!

It was the experience of a life time!
Our dear friend Jeff was getting married.
Dad was the best man, and I was the flower girl.
Somebody paid for mom to come along.
We were the perfect traveling team!
That trip will never be forgotten!
My parents an I had the time of our lives!

As a kid, dad used joke that he and mom wanted to go on my honeymoon with me!
I took him seriously!
I would plan that mom and dad would come along...
Why not!
They would make the trip more fun!
As I got older (Like eight...) I started thinking it really wasn't that great of an idea.
My little kid mind started feeling awful.
How would I break the news to dad!
He had so looked forward to it!
Would he be hurt?
I finally broke it to him... he laughed!

My parents have pretty predictable (and sweet) dates!
They go to Olive Garden and wait as long as they have to to get "their" table.
There once was a rumor going around the staff at Olive Garden that that was the table that dad proposed at!
My parents are always thinking of us and therefore they always bring us home bread sticks.
They love their dates!

They are the most amazing parents a kid could ever want!

Yes. I love them!

Their wedding .... Ya, a red dress!

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  1. I've been looking forward to having a minute to read this post for days... what a blessing!