Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Mother...My Friend

When I think about the people that have inspired and impacted my life, many people come to mind. I think of the great hero's of Christianity, or the people that I see everyday who's lives have been a testimony and encouragement to me. At the top of all of these people would be first,  my Savior, Jesus Christ, and second, my mom. The woman who has done so much more than just giving me life.

Let me tell you about my mom!

My mom is amazing. Flat out, no arguments!

Mom did something that not many women could do. She raised seven Soderbergs... Now, you must understand that raising a Soderberg isn't anything like raising a Smith or Jones. Soderbergs are... well, Soderbergs!  

Throughout life, mom has been there for me cheering and many times pushing me to be all that I could be. As a child, I didn't appreciate the loving nudges she gave. Now I see that the experiences she gave me impacted me much greater than I could see at the time.

As a little girl, I remember my favorite time of day being "quite time." This was the time that we knew we had to find something quite to do on our beds... this was the time mom spent with the Lord. That example still impacts me today. 

Mom can never stop being a mom to her children, yet in the last year mom has also become a dear friend. 

Mom is someone that I can talk to about absolutely everything. She goes out of her way to ask about the people in my life, whether they be actors, customers, or friends. When I was full swing in "Cinderella," mom kept me awake on the long drives home by listening to every detail of the night over the phone... she knew all of the actors as well as I did.

Mom has a thing about food. She cannot stand to see someone hungry. Single guys and their eating habits drive mom crazy. Whenever a bachelor is at our house we hear her asking, "What did you eat today?" A groan usually follows their response. No matter if I brought my own lunch, mom continues to bring me delicious lunches at work.   

A few months ago, mom and I decided to get a pass for a local gym. Our "gym times" have become a highlight in my life. I love exercising... but with mom, we do much more than just exercise. Side by side we do our thing... feeding off each others groans,  We work out, get a coffee, walk the beach,  talk, and laugh at and with each other (we have a Dutch sense of humor!). Although our lattes may defeat the purpose of our workout, and our workouts may not be hard enough or long enough to even do us any good, I wouldn't trade our times together for anything! The greatest part of "growing up" has been the relationship that I now share with mom. 

A mother's love is a precious, beautiful, unconditional, and unchanging. I am so thankful for the wonderful love that my mom has given me! Time after time, mom has prayed with me, encouraged me in the Lord, or brought logic back into my head!
I would be a mess without her!

I am so blessed! Mom is my own personal cheer-leader, counselor,  chef, prayer partner, and best of all, she is my best friend!

I love you, mom!

"Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever."

Author Unknown


  1. Beautiful tribute! I'd love to meet her. :)

  2. What a wonderful tribute to your mom! She is an amazing lady! :)