Wednesday, February 29, 2012


About seven years ago, a thirteen year old girl went with her parents to the Philippines.

That was me!

We went for Jeff's wedding.

The memory still is at the top of my "greatest adventures!"

I loved every aspect of that trip....
The traveling.
The food.
The people who asked to take my picture... being a blonde was pretty fun!
Jeff and Red.
The beauty!
The warmth.....

I recently found my journal from that trip.

I laughed until I cried when I first read it.
I was so focused on food.... tsk tsk....

The only thing I am changing is the spelling and punctuation.... It was a atrocious!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

I am on my second flight to the Philippines. The first flight was a very small plane. 
We waited six hours in the Seattle airport. It was very relaxing and we ate a fantastic lunch at the Bagel Factory (Turkey and cheese on crescent.) and I had the yummiest frappuccino ever (caramel frappuccino - blended.)

Right now I am in the air flying in a big (HUGE) airplane, flying through a cloud, watching the sun set. When we reach the airport the Uslaners will be waiting for us. Then at 1:30am we will be flying away on a 22 hour flight.

I just spilled my juice on my white pants!

Sunday, August 22, 2005

We had a delightful flight last night. As soon as we sat down in the plane, I fell asleep (it was 1:30am). 
I slept right through dinner which I would not have been able to eat it anyways (The Uslaners took us to Subway and boy was that steak sandwich with cheese and all the toppings, plus a small root beer, good!). 

Anyways, I slept until about 5 the next morning, then watched movies while working latch hook rug.

Oh my goodness, the Singapore airlines are simply divine. Our stewardess is simply GORGEOUS (I got a picture of her!!!!!)!

When we first got started on our flight, our stewardess served us HOT (I mean HOT!!!) wash clothes to wash our face with (Boy, does it feel good!).

This morning when I first woke up they served us an apple and a bag of Frito's.
The Frito's I put in my carry-on, but the apple was PERFECT!

They also served us:
Brunch: Dish of fruit, bun and butter, rice crispys and milk (there was a sweet old couple beside me and dad, and they gave us there's because they didn't want them.), and omelet, sausage, orange juice, and coffee ( Dad lets me have it whenever I want!).

Lunch: Teriyaki  chicken, veggie dish, bun, potatoes, and ice cream bar. -COFFEE!

I just got pen mark all over my pants (I think they are about totaled for this trip.)

We are landing in MANILA!

I was a unique child..... can you tell?

Remembering that trip brings back SO many memories of the fun we had with Jeff.

I miss him all over again. 

The wedding was on a beautiful island called, Boracay! 

It is on my bucket list to go back to that island someday...

At the wedding.....

Ahhhhh...... Such great memories!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Teeth and an Assortment of Other Things...

1. I went to the dentist this morning....

They were "watching a tooth," and wanted to do filling on it.
I would way rather they just keep watching it... although that is a wee bit creepy.

Anyhow, I had an appointment at 7am.

I was SO scared.
I sat on that horrific chair and waited for them to stick a huge needle in my mouth.
I closed my eyes....
It was awful.
I lived... and thought, "I NEVER want to go through that again."

A few minutes later, he checked to see if my gum was numb.
It wasn't.

He said, "I think I'll put a little more juice in there..."
Next thing I knew, ANOTHER needle was going in my mouth.
Juice? Really?
That was so low!

A while later, he asked me again if it was numb.
At this point my mouth was starting to tingle and I knew that I couldn't handle any more "juice."

I told him it felt like it was getting numb.
They started doing all their stuff, and I realized that my mouth was very much NOT numb.

By the time it was all done, I was seriously considering chomping off one of his fingers.
I didn't, only because I could have let him know that it wasn't numb.... I didn't want to.

I went to a coffee shop to work on my Bible Institute until I needed to go to work (at Java Bear...).
Ironic, huh?

As I stood in line to get a drink, the entire right side of my face became a fat blob.
I tried to smile.... only one side obeyed.
I tried to talk and everything slurred.
The barista must have thought I had serious issues.
BUT, the "juice" finally worked!

Now I'm hungry and have a nice lunch but am having a hard time trying to squish it into my sore, half numb mouth.
I pretty much despise the dentist.

Moral of the story: BRUSH and FLOSS!

2. It has been SO exciting to let God totally have control of my future.
He has taught me so much and I am able too completely rest knowing that He has my future in the palm of His hand.

The other day I started worrying about something petty.

As I worried, it dawned on me that God is just as much in charge of those "small" things as He is of the big things.

I had finally come to the point of complete surrender with the more major plans in my life, but I was still hanging tight to the little details.

"ALL to Jesus, I surrender!"
I want this to be my prayer. 

3. It is SO beautiful outside! 
I keep opening the windows thinking it's just as warm as it is pretty.... but it is freezing!

Just the same.... It gives us hope that SOMEDAY there will be warm weather. 
Someday we will be able to make and drink iced coffees. 
Someday we can pour water down someones back and not feel like a complete loser.
Someday we can go to the beach!
Someday we can go camping!
Someday... it will be SUMMER!!!!!!

4. Do you like my blog's "new look?"
Be honest....

What? You don't like it? 
Do you now how long that took?!??!?!?

Never mind. 
Don't be honest.

Enjoy your Monday!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blah, Blah, Blah...

1. I am happy.
"He has made me glad..."

2. I made "Pastry Paradise" yesterday.
When I was young, Mom would make bread and give me enough dough to make my "secret" pastry.
I was sure that I was going to start my own bakery some day. "Pastry Paradise" was my calling. Then... I stopped making them.
Yesterday.... Mom made bread.
I asked for some dough.
I made my "secret" recipe.
It was yummy.
 I felt like I was ten!
SO, my shop will be opening in the summer of 2013!

3. Emily got even cuter since I left.

4. My dad is SUCH a servant!
Every single morning he wakes us up by bringing us a delicious cup of coffee (Tea for the weirdos...) and slices of fruit.
He amazes me!
Who wants to wake up and do that?
For as long as I can remember, dad has.
Throughout my whole life, my dad has done everything he possibly could to make us happier and our lives more enjoyable.
My dad loves black licorice and root beer... so do his seven kids.
If my dad has a small root beer or little thing of licorice, he will split it up to ensure that we all get as much as he does.
No treat is too small to share.
He has shown me what it means to have a servant's heart....
I love him.

5. You know how some people eat when they are stressed or overwhelmed.
I don't.
I cook.
I find it SO relaxing.
If I have a day off.... I want to make something yummy.
THEN I eat it!

6.  Being home makes me thankful for SO many things that can be overlooked.

- Mom's food.
- The gym.
- My bed.
- My little siblings' crazy sense of humor.
- Being a part of my sibling's life.
- Talking to  Johanna.
- Long talks with  Mom and her undying interest in every aspect of my life.
- My dad's hugs and wisdom.
- Java Bear.
- Cooking.
- Our little church.

7.  I love to be comfortable.... in an atmosphere that I am used to; doing what is normal.

God showed me while I was away that He doesn't just want me to be comfortable.... He wants me to be growing, becoming more like Him, serving others.

When I was away, I didn't have the little things I was used to.... but I had God.
 And He was (...and is.) enough.

8. God's Word is SO awesome.
When I was in Indiana I thought.... "OK, God. Can you tell me what you want, write it on a wall or something?"
 My sister heard from God so clearly when He took her to China... why wasn't He speaking to me?

Then I started searching the Bible.
And God did speak to me.
He didn't say, "Go" or "Stay."
But things like, "I know." " Trust in Me." "Rest, wait, be patient." "Let go." "Nothing is hid from Me!" "You are safe in My hands." "Don't be afraid."

God made it so extremely clear what He wanted me to do.
Then.... He gave me peace, confidence, and joy.
I KNOW that He knows. I know that I have nothing to worry about....
THAT is true peace!

9.  God is SO very good to me!
He is my beloved!

That's all, folks!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Just Laugh....

I laugh every time I see this.... My brother is so cool!

Do you get it?
You know those people on Facebook who take pictures with their phone in the mirror.... Well, this is a spoof on that!

Are you laughing? Hard? Ya... me too!
Maybe I am way to sleep-deprived and crazy... But this is some serious humor to me!

OK, I can't resist sharing this....
I was introduced to this video in Indiana.
The interns were pretty awesome!

It is a weird song.... but I find it strangely hilarious!

"Don't worry. You can get the guy with the hat's face on a shirt!"

Enjoy....  :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Home Sweet Home!

I'm home from ten days in Indiana!
It was an amazing trip in MANY ways!

Some Facts:

Fact 1: When I left for IN, I had an agenda.... I would go there, see everything, learn stuff, and God would make His will completely clear to me!
God had different plans.

Fact 2: God changed my heart, life, and mindset.

Fact 3: I drank my coffee black.
This is shocking...

Fact 4: God took me to a point where I had to be completely dependent on Him. A point where I had absolutely no idea what He was going to do.... It was and is a wonderful place to be. How freeing to let go of my desires and "plans" and rest in God's arms!

Fact 5: God really blessed me with Psalms 139. It is amazing to read that chapter super slow..... I've read it many times but it really hit home this week. Verse 12 says, "even the darkness is not dark to You; the night is bright as day, for darkness is as light to You." I was in the dark, in that I had no idea what God wanted for my life. I was scared... "what if I make the wrong decision?!" There is no darkness to God. He knows! There are no surprises to Him. God has my life completely "figured out." I don't have to try to have control... I just need to trust Him.

Fact 6: I listened to many, many, many hours of powerful preaching. It was amazing! You know that feeling you get after Thanksgiving dinner.... when you are full to the point of explosion. That is how I am feeling. There was SO much amazing stuff being packed into my head, and I am just beginning to digest it all.

Fact 7: It is SO good to be home. I am more convinced than ever that I live in an almost "utopia." No... we are not near perfect. But, I have been very blessed.

Fact 8: I met a bunch of amazing people. The girls that I stayed with were awesome and made me feel SO welcome.

Fact 9: I am exhausted. I have never felt so emotionally and mentally drained. I went to work today and my brain remained three seconds too slow. I walked myself through everything... "OK, Helen, pick up the spoon. Stir the drink. Smile at the nice lady.... etc." The time change didn't help with that. I feel as though my brain has been spinning, trying to take in everything... and now it is on overload.

So... pretty much, I have no idea what God is going to do in this coming year.... but no matter what, God used those ten days to change my life. It was humbling.... God revealed so much in my heart that I needed to surrender to Him.

God is amazing. His love overwhelms me.  I know HE has a plan.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hearts and Stuff....

Wow.... lots happening!

1. I have been reading some awesome books. They have changed my perspective on food, our identity as Christians, Psalms 23, and suffering! 
2. I am going to Indiana for a conference on Wednesday! I am slightly nervous and SUPER excited! I really want God to have His way! 
3. Valentines Day is coming up! 
4. I will be gone for Valentines Day. I don't mind being gone. I will eat chocolate in honor of the holiday! 
5. A few years ago I had to beg Johnny to ask me to be his Valentine.
6. In honor of Valentines day..... I am going to post one of my favorite love songs. I love her voice! 

7. God is in charge, He knows best!
8. The sun is shining!!!!! Yay! 
9.  I could really use your prayers while I'm in Indiana!
10. We are off to watch the Super Bowl! 

Just a quick thought I had...

 Does this...

look anything like...


Did YOU ever think of that?

So... Have a nice life!
Ttfn.... Ta-ta for now! (This was quoted from Tigger. He is the only "Winnie the Pooh" character that I like.)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Most days....

Most days, I love to get dressed. I love picking out what to wear and making things match just right.
Today... I spent the whole day in my PJ's.

Most days, I resist chocolate.
Today... I embraced it!

Most days... I do my hair.
Today... I put it in a crazy "bun."

Most days... I think about going for a walk, run, or at least doing sit-ups.
Today.... It didn't enter my mind!

Most days... Stress doesn't freak me out.
Today... I'm freaking out.

Most days.... I work.
Today... was my day off!

Most days... I get stuff done.
Today... I got a LOT done!

Happy Monday!


WHAT?!?!?!?! It's Thursday?