Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blah, Blah, Blah...

1. I am happy.
"He has made me glad..."

2. I made "Pastry Paradise" yesterday.
When I was young, Mom would make bread and give me enough dough to make my "secret" pastry.
I was sure that I was going to start my own bakery some day. "Pastry Paradise" was my calling. Then... I stopped making them.
Yesterday.... Mom made bread.
I asked for some dough.
I made my "secret" recipe.
It was yummy.
 I felt like I was ten!
SO, my shop will be opening in the summer of 2013!

3. Emily got even cuter since I left.

4. My dad is SUCH a servant!
Every single morning he wakes us up by bringing us a delicious cup of coffee (Tea for the weirdos...) and slices of fruit.
He amazes me!
Who wants to wake up and do that?
For as long as I can remember, dad has.
Throughout my whole life, my dad has done everything he possibly could to make us happier and our lives more enjoyable.
My dad loves black licorice and root beer... so do his seven kids.
If my dad has a small root beer or little thing of licorice, he will split it up to ensure that we all get as much as he does.
No treat is too small to share.
He has shown me what it means to have a servant's heart....
I love him.

5. You know how some people eat when they are stressed or overwhelmed.
I don't.
I cook.
I find it SO relaxing.
If I have a day off.... I want to make something yummy.
THEN I eat it!

6.  Being home makes me thankful for SO many things that can be overlooked.

- Mom's food.
- The gym.
- My bed.
- My little siblings' crazy sense of humor.
- Being a part of my sibling's life.
- Talking to  Johanna.
- Long talks with  Mom and her undying interest in every aspect of my life.
- My dad's hugs and wisdom.
- Java Bear.
- Cooking.
- Our little church.

7.  I love to be comfortable.... in an atmosphere that I am used to; doing what is normal.

God showed me while I was away that He doesn't just want me to be comfortable.... He wants me to be growing, becoming more like Him, serving others.

When I was away, I didn't have the little things I was used to.... but I had God.
 And He was (...and is.) enough.

8. God's Word is SO awesome.
When I was in Indiana I thought.... "OK, God. Can you tell me what you want, write it on a wall or something?"
 My sister heard from God so clearly when He took her to China... why wasn't He speaking to me?

Then I started searching the Bible.
And God did speak to me.
He didn't say, "Go" or "Stay."
But things like, "I know." " Trust in Me." "Rest, wait, be patient." "Let go." "Nothing is hid from Me!" "You are safe in My hands." "Don't be afraid."

God made it so extremely clear what He wanted me to do.
Then.... He gave me peace, confidence, and joy.
I KNOW that He knows. I know that I have nothing to worry about....
THAT is true peace!

9.  God is SO very good to me!
He is my beloved!

That's all, folks!

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