Saturday, February 18, 2012

Home Sweet Home!

I'm home from ten days in Indiana!
It was an amazing trip in MANY ways!

Some Facts:

Fact 1: When I left for IN, I had an agenda.... I would go there, see everything, learn stuff, and God would make His will completely clear to me!
God had different plans.

Fact 2: God changed my heart, life, and mindset.

Fact 3: I drank my coffee black.
This is shocking...

Fact 4: God took me to a point where I had to be completely dependent on Him. A point where I had absolutely no idea what He was going to do.... It was and is a wonderful place to be. How freeing to let go of my desires and "plans" and rest in God's arms!

Fact 5: God really blessed me with Psalms 139. It is amazing to read that chapter super slow..... I've read it many times but it really hit home this week. Verse 12 says, "even the darkness is not dark to You; the night is bright as day, for darkness is as light to You." I was in the dark, in that I had no idea what God wanted for my life. I was scared... "what if I make the wrong decision?!" There is no darkness to God. He knows! There are no surprises to Him. God has my life completely "figured out." I don't have to try to have control... I just need to trust Him.

Fact 6: I listened to many, many, many hours of powerful preaching. It was amazing! You know that feeling you get after Thanksgiving dinner.... when you are full to the point of explosion. That is how I am feeling. There was SO much amazing stuff being packed into my head, and I am just beginning to digest it all.

Fact 7: It is SO good to be home. I am more convinced than ever that I live in an almost "utopia." No... we are not near perfect. But, I have been very blessed.

Fact 8: I met a bunch of amazing people. The girls that I stayed with were awesome and made me feel SO welcome.

Fact 9: I am exhausted. I have never felt so emotionally and mentally drained. I went to work today and my brain remained three seconds too slow. I walked myself through everything... "OK, Helen, pick up the spoon. Stir the drink. Smile at the nice lady.... etc." The time change didn't help with that. I feel as though my brain has been spinning, trying to take in everything... and now it is on overload.

So... pretty much, I have no idea what God is going to do in this coming year.... but no matter what, God used those ten days to change my life. It was humbling.... God revealed so much in my heart that I needed to surrender to Him.

God is amazing. His love overwhelms me.  I know HE has a plan.

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  1. Love this post! God can do ANYTHING with an open heart! So happy to see that in you!