Wednesday, February 29, 2012


About seven years ago, a thirteen year old girl went with her parents to the Philippines.

That was me!

We went for Jeff's wedding.

The memory still is at the top of my "greatest adventures!"

I loved every aspect of that trip....
The traveling.
The food.
The people who asked to take my picture... being a blonde was pretty fun!
Jeff and Red.
The beauty!
The warmth.....

I recently found my journal from that trip.

I laughed until I cried when I first read it.
I was so focused on food.... tsk tsk....

The only thing I am changing is the spelling and punctuation.... It was a atrocious!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

I am on my second flight to the Philippines. The first flight was a very small plane. 
We waited six hours in the Seattle airport. It was very relaxing and we ate a fantastic lunch at the Bagel Factory (Turkey and cheese on crescent.) and I had the yummiest frappuccino ever (caramel frappuccino - blended.)

Right now I am in the air flying in a big (HUGE) airplane, flying through a cloud, watching the sun set. When we reach the airport the Uslaners will be waiting for us. Then at 1:30am we will be flying away on a 22 hour flight.

I just spilled my juice on my white pants!

Sunday, August 22, 2005

We had a delightful flight last night. As soon as we sat down in the plane, I fell asleep (it was 1:30am). 
I slept right through dinner which I would not have been able to eat it anyways (The Uslaners took us to Subway and boy was that steak sandwich with cheese and all the toppings, plus a small root beer, good!). 

Anyways, I slept until about 5 the next morning, then watched movies while working latch hook rug.

Oh my goodness, the Singapore airlines are simply divine. Our stewardess is simply GORGEOUS (I got a picture of her!!!!!)!

When we first got started on our flight, our stewardess served us HOT (I mean HOT!!!) wash clothes to wash our face with (Boy, does it feel good!).

This morning when I first woke up they served us an apple and a bag of Frito's.
The Frito's I put in my carry-on, but the apple was PERFECT!

They also served us:
Brunch: Dish of fruit, bun and butter, rice crispys and milk (there was a sweet old couple beside me and dad, and they gave us there's because they didn't want them.), and omelet, sausage, orange juice, and coffee ( Dad lets me have it whenever I want!).

Lunch: Teriyaki  chicken, veggie dish, bun, potatoes, and ice cream bar. -COFFEE!

I just got pen mark all over my pants (I think they are about totaled for this trip.)

We are landing in MANILA!

I was a unique child..... can you tell?

Remembering that trip brings back SO many memories of the fun we had with Jeff.

I miss him all over again. 

The wedding was on a beautiful island called, Boracay! 

It is on my bucket list to go back to that island someday...

At the wedding.....

Ahhhhh...... Such great memories!


  1. great to see such a beautiful young lady with a heart for the Lord adventure.

  2. Enjoyed reading about it and seeing pics ! It would be an adventure for a 13yrld! or even for this .,...well, never mind how old ;)...lady :)!!
    Such a beautiful place.