Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hearts and Stuff....

Wow.... lots happening!

1. I have been reading some awesome books. They have changed my perspective on food, our identity as Christians, Psalms 23, and suffering! 
2. I am going to Indiana for a conference on Wednesday! I am slightly nervous and SUPER excited! I really want God to have His way! 
3. Valentines Day is coming up! 
4. I will be gone for Valentines Day. I don't mind being gone. I will eat chocolate in honor of the holiday! 
5. A few years ago I had to beg Johnny to ask me to be his Valentine.
6. In honor of Valentines day..... I am going to post one of my favorite love songs. I love her voice! 

7. God is in charge, He knows best!
8. The sun is shining!!!!! Yay! 
9.  I could really use your prayers while I'm in Indiana!
10. We are off to watch the Super Bowl! 

Just a quick thought I had...

 Does this...

look anything like...


Did YOU ever think of that?

So... Have a nice life!
Ttfn.... Ta-ta for now! (This was quoted from Tigger. He is the only "Winnie the Pooh" character that I like.)

1 comment:

  1. I actually have thought about he heart thing...I think there's a resemblance! :)
    I love Tigger's "ta-ta for now" but otherwise I find him entirely too ...well...bouncy! :)