Monday, February 27, 2012

Teeth and an Assortment of Other Things...

1. I went to the dentist this morning....

They were "watching a tooth," and wanted to do filling on it.
I would way rather they just keep watching it... although that is a wee bit creepy.

Anyhow, I had an appointment at 7am.

I was SO scared.
I sat on that horrific chair and waited for them to stick a huge needle in my mouth.
I closed my eyes....
It was awful.
I lived... and thought, "I NEVER want to go through that again."

A few minutes later, he checked to see if my gum was numb.
It wasn't.

He said, "I think I'll put a little more juice in there..."
Next thing I knew, ANOTHER needle was going in my mouth.
Juice? Really?
That was so low!

A while later, he asked me again if it was numb.
At this point my mouth was starting to tingle and I knew that I couldn't handle any more "juice."

I told him it felt like it was getting numb.
They started doing all their stuff, and I realized that my mouth was very much NOT numb.

By the time it was all done, I was seriously considering chomping off one of his fingers.
I didn't, only because I could have let him know that it wasn't numb.... I didn't want to.

I went to a coffee shop to work on my Bible Institute until I needed to go to work (at Java Bear...).
Ironic, huh?

As I stood in line to get a drink, the entire right side of my face became a fat blob.
I tried to smile.... only one side obeyed.
I tried to talk and everything slurred.
The barista must have thought I had serious issues.
BUT, the "juice" finally worked!

Now I'm hungry and have a nice lunch but am having a hard time trying to squish it into my sore, half numb mouth.
I pretty much despise the dentist.

Moral of the story: BRUSH and FLOSS!

2. It has been SO exciting to let God totally have control of my future.
He has taught me so much and I am able too completely rest knowing that He has my future in the palm of His hand.

The other day I started worrying about something petty.

As I worried, it dawned on me that God is just as much in charge of those "small" things as He is of the big things.

I had finally come to the point of complete surrender with the more major plans in my life, but I was still hanging tight to the little details.

"ALL to Jesus, I surrender!"
I want this to be my prayer. 

3. It is SO beautiful outside! 
I keep opening the windows thinking it's just as warm as it is pretty.... but it is freezing!

Just the same.... It gives us hope that SOMEDAY there will be warm weather. 
Someday we will be able to make and drink iced coffees. 
Someday we can pour water down someones back and not feel like a complete loser.
Someday we can go to the beach!
Someday we can go camping!
Someday... it will be SUMMER!!!!!!

4. Do you like my blog's "new look?"
Be honest....

What? You don't like it? 
Do you now how long that took?!??!?!?

Never mind. 
Don't be honest.

Enjoy your Monday!!!!!!!

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  1. I do like the new look.
    I so despise going to dentists!! I really really wish I wasn't that way but it just does no good to try to like it. it simply does not work for me! So I dread it worse than,....welll just about anything!