Monday, April 30, 2012


Don't you love how I go without a post for ten days... then spout off two in a row. 


I just like to keep you guessing.... ;)

I saw this car the other day....

Cute. Right? 
I think I was meant to drive a car like that.
Really.... I do. 

But, I guess, in a desperate condition I could put up with this.....

Perhaps this.....

If I was totally in dire need.....

And only if I came to the most desperate condition of mankind, I could possibly get behind the wheel of this.....


* You will never know just how much fun I had looking up these pictures!*

Pretty much.... I love these cars. 
I wouldn't mind driving one.... not one bit.

I have a weakness for cute cars.... 
It's all dad's fault. 

We went to California together....
He pointed out all the awesome cars and I fell hopelessly in love.

As much as I love cute cars..... I happen to love this little beauty!!

My car.
 Actually, my parents car that I use. :)

Isn't she cute?!?!?!?!?!?


I have a pretty colorful imagination... so it's not  hard  at all to pretend she's a "real" sports car! 
You know.... like this.

Want to know what I love about my car?

I love that I am not the "owner."

I love that gas is all that I pay for.... and just that hurts!

I love that my parent are so sweet and generous to let me use it!

I love that we can fit all eight of us in it.

I love that feeling of stopping at a light, sliding your shades down, nodding at the person beside you.... and watching their face. 

I love that time that we had our windows rolled down and a carload of teens drove up with their music BLARING and windows down.... in a moment of brilliance, we pumped up some classical tunes (like, Bach...) and made those punk's day!

I am serious about being thankful for our car!
It really is a blessing!
Even if she isn't as young as others.... she serves us well!

Merry Christmas.....
I can't resist posting a personal favorite!

2009 Ferrari California Pink

Off topic:
I just ate a burrito.
I love bean and cheese burritos!
It is a major comfort food!
Seriously.... they are my "spaghetti," or *insert whatever your "comfort food" is.*

If you have spent any time at our house... you'll understand why.

Burritos are a staple.
When we have a lot of people over for volleyball, we just cook up a pot of beans and, tada!
At all of my huge water fight birthday parties.... same thing!

When Johnny needs a snack.... he has a few burritos!
Burritos are awesome.

I didn't realize how much they make me feel at home... Especially when I am at home.
But I'm at work... and I feel at home.
I think I should make these when I'm in Indiana.

Anyhow.... It's no wonder we all love music so much!


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Then and Now

Style is an awesome thing. 

It is something that each person can have all to themselves.

When I was a little girl, I had awesome style!

Could you pull off an outfit like that?
I mean seriously... the red skirt, pink coat, lei, and wispy uncontrollable hair.... 
Oh... and don't forget to walk in that epic fashion statment way!


*I found a box of "little kid" pictures Jeff took back in the day... TREASURE!*

Back then.... I loved everything wild. 
Everything Pink.
Everything NEON!

I was NOT self-conscious in the mildest sense of the word.... I owned my style.... you were just the jealous onlooker.

I dreamed of having a pink and turquoise jeep... with a black squiggly line through the middle.
Oh... and I wanted a chicken with a diaper.

Then I hit fourteen.

Everything changed.
I decided I didn't want to be the "wild one."
I prayed that God would make me a quieter person and adjusted my wardrobe and hair likewise. 

I never did become a "quiet person..."
But I tried pretty hard.

Then.... I grew up (Or something like that...).

Jesus showed me who I am in HIM.
I became confident in who HE made me and stopped caring about other's opinions...

I am slowly finding "my style..."

I can't quite nail it because... it changes. 
I have a style change around every six months.

Right now.... I'm going through a strange phase.
But.... I like it.

It's a lot like when I was ten.
And crazily... it's a lot like my moms.

Mom has this sweater that is huge and awesome. 
I wore it.
Fell in love.
She gave it to me.
I'm blessed.

I like wild, bright, and pretty!
I like flowy, different, and weird.

I saw one of my best friends the other day.... she told me, "Don't take this wrong.... but you kinda look like you should have a paintbrush!" 
I didn't take it wrong.

I go shopping and find these awesome clothes.... and my sisters think I'm crazy.
My style is sometimes... odd?

No what phase I am in.... I ALWAYS love this one style. 
It's called "The Sweatshirt Doo."

I LOVE my sweatshirts.
I can't get enough of them.
There are many a day when my life has been at it's best, just because of the comfort of my hoody!
Sweatshirts are awesome.

While we are on the subject of clothes.

I love other clothes, too!
I love LOVE finding good deals on good clothes.
This can lead to a problem....a problem like having  WAY too many clothes.
I had WAY too many clothes.

Would you believe that I took this.....

I repeat.... WAY too many clothes.

And transformed it to this....

In less than thirty minutes?
Would you believe that?

Hmmm.... How about, an hour with a break in the middle?

A whole day with various snacks, coffee, and lunch breaks?

It took me a while....

I totally de-cluttered and got rid of a TON of stuff that I never wore.

It hurt... quite a bit.
I get pretty attached to my clothes.
Each item has a great bargain story behind it.
Did I mention that I love clothes....
I had to have tough love.... and it was pretty tough.

It was refreshing. 

Totally different thought:

Yesterday I was at work. 
Within an hour.... I have had two customers serenade me!

First: A lady was in the middle of chatting when she suddenly yelped and blared the music.
She went on to rock out and sing/belt at the top of her lungs!

Second: Older man, drives up, say's "Now this is music," blares his 50's tunes while busting out some awesome moves. (You know.... like pumping arms/ nodding head with and almost robotic like rhythm.)

One of the many joys of Barista-hood!
Pretty much LOVE my job!

I can't resist posting this.... 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Not Another!!!!!!!

Goodness.... every year at around the same time, Marian has a birthday!

It's getting old.... actually, SHE'S getting old!

Baby and Me.... back in the day!

Today is that cute little stinkers birthday.

She is ELEVEN!!!!!

Our baby is growing up!

Marian brings so much joy to my life.

EVERY single day she tells me how much she loves me.
She gives me hugs and kisses.....

I work pretty much the same schedule every week..... but every day, Marian asks if I'm working and then says, "Ohhh...." in the saddest voice imaginable, when I say, I am.

I am a blessed older sister.

I love her!!!!!!!!

P.S. You can read a post about her here.

Monday, April 16, 2012


I have a great brother.... three, actually.
But Jimmy  has been especially nice lately.

He let me use his laptop.

When I had a blog ready to post and Internet at work went kerplunk... Jimmy came to my rescue.

When I was writing emails with important people (You know.... like Ron Paul, Julie Andrews, Mike Buble, etc.).... Jimmy saved me!

After mooching off of him for long enough (... and when I made the final decision to go to Indiana.), I realized something....

I needed a laptop, bad.

I got my first "big"  tax return... so I decided to use it do this deed.

I searched high and low for the "right laptop," and spent hours researching all the different types.

Just so you know.... I know nothing about computers.

When I went to BestBuy and Staples to get an idea of what I wanted.... the people must have doubted my sanity.

They talk so weird.
One guy tried to explain the difference between two computers.

"This one has *a bunch of thing I don't understand,* while this one is has a *more long confusing words.* Also, this one has *blah, blah, blah, hardrive,* while that one has "yack, yack, yack, memory.*

Finally I asked, "Ummmm.... is there any reason to buy the one that's a hundred dollars more? Or would I be fine just getting the cheaper one?"

"Ummmmmmmmmmm.... Actually.... there isn't. You would be totally fine with the cheaper one."

Alrighty then.
That was really insightful!

It isn't easy looking for something when they speak a different language.

I would find the "perfect computer," print out the details.... show everyone, then find something wrong.
I had about three different "perfect laptops."
Each ended up disappointing me greatly.

They were all too big or too little... too spendy or` too cheap.

I really wanted the perfect computer!
I prayed.
I believe God cares about our little things as well as big....

Then I found this baby.

I had looked on the BestBuy outlet center a HUNDRED times.... suddenly this beauty popped up.
Brand new.
Perfect size.
Better price than I expected.
Basically everything I wanted.
And more.... lots more.

So I started asking everyone if I was just being impulsive.... not that "being impulsive" is something I struggle with!

Everyone agreed that it looked awesome.
This really scared me.... because usually if something is too good to be true, it is too good to be true!

So I prayed! 
And then I bought it.....

It has been the BEST!!!!!!

The day after I bought it I looked up online at the same place and found others for double the price.

It's PERFECT for what I do with her. 

Jeffrey looked it over and said she was an AWESOME computer.

I named her Bell.... because she is a "Dell." Clever.... right?

Don't worry.... it's not like I treat her better than my dog and hardly let anyone touch her. *Cough*

I'm trying to be better about sharing.... but I tend to have issues with keeping computers alive. 
Rest in peace, Arnie and Ted.

Oh.... and there is one more thing about Bell.....

One tiny detail that shows me that God was totally involved in finding her.

One small fact that keeps my brothers from stealing her.

Something that makes me love her very dearly....


Wait for it.....


Oh, yes.....

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Beth is my friend.
She's also my partner in crime, kindred spirit, and my sister.

Everyone call Beth, Lizzy.

But she has always loved the name "Beth."
So, being the wonderful sister I am.... and knowing how awful it is not to have ANY nick-names (Helen cannot be shortened. Don't try!), I started calling her Beth.
I also call her Boo....
Sometimes Pooker.
Often, Stinker.
Every now and then, Poo.
A few times, Bertha.
Mostly, Beth.

She is pretty awesome!

I've known her for.... forever!

We happen to get along pretty great. Which is a good thing since the majority of our lives were spent with the other at our side.

Beth is married.
This tragedy occurred almost two years ago.... wow, time flies.
*It wasn't really a tragedy.

Her husband is this dude.

*He's cool*

Actually.... he's pretty awesome!

He makes her smile/laugh!

They had the most incredible wedding.... ever!

Jeffrey wrote a bunch of the music.... because he just happens to be able to do that.
He sang Beth a song he wrote while she walked down the aisle.
Dad did the service.
God was totally glorified!

Jeffrey brings out the best in Beth and vice-versa.....
I didn't think Beth could get any better.... but he really does make her shine even brighter!
It gets blinding.

They (More specifically, she...) had this baby.

Isn't she cute?!?!?!?!
I think she is..... and I say that from a totally un-biased point of view.
Well... never mind.

Beth is the PERFECT little wife and mom!
She makes homemaking look like a breeze.

I don't think being married means that you have to be all serious and boring....

 If it does, Beth failed.

They have their own wittle family!!!!

I miss Beth.
I see her at least twice a week... talk to her almost every day.
But I miss her.

I wish I could say Beth and I are alike...
But it would be a lie.
Beth is perfect... at least as perfect as is allowed.

Although two years older than me and WAY taller .... I beat Beth up when we were kids!

You have to understand my side of the story.....
Imagine growing up with an angel as your sister.
It rubs your "naughtiness" in your face.
Bad excuse?
I know....
I still feel bad about my bullying!

I look like a nice kid in this picture..... it's fake.
We have a video to prove it....
BUT.... I grew up!
After I turned twelve... my vicious side toned down.
I don't pinch people anymore!
Now I just put salt in their coffee... etc.
*Just kidding!

She loved me through my "bullying."
We became buddies/friends and did some crazy stunts throughout the years.

I have a great sense of humor....
Not everybody appreciates or understands it.... but it really is great!

I have a few sides of my humor.
I have the humor that only my brothers "get."
It is usually the more gruesome side.

I have the humor that my parents understand.
It usually includes songs like "Taylor the Latte Boy."

And then I have this insane side.
This crazy, psychotic sense of humor that NO-ONE gets....
No-one but Beth!

She has that same sense of crazed humor.

I miss sharing those crazy moments

Even though she is old and married.... she still has that craziness.

A while back we took Marian to her AWANA games...

It was pretty fun.
We drove mom's car... (Goodness, drag racing is fun! *JUST KIDDING!!!!*)
Went to Chai....
I held Em....
I made Em cry...

We ate sour Skittles...

We laughed...
We talked...
It was awesome.

Last week, Jo, Beth, and I went walking downtown...
It was awesome.
We walked.
Were merry.

A couple days ago.... I ordered some boots from Macys.
By the way.... I never EVER shop at Macys.
But they had this great sale.
And I got a REALLY good deal because I chatted with an associate.
I felt SO accomplished, until....The next day I looked at my bank account and saw that they had charged me TWICE for the boots....

I was scared.
I thought I got scammed.

I frantically started calling every number possible.

EVERYTHING was automated.
I was frustrated at this point.

Beth came over, heard what happened, and started helping me.
We were both frustrated.

"Macys is taking my money!!!!!!!! Ah!"

We finally decided to write them an email.....
SO we did.
At this point, we were really mad.
You can understand..... they were stealing my hard-earned money!
Being a Barista isn't as easy as it looks.
Okay, okay, maybe it is.

Our email was a joint effort....
Beth and I are nice people.
But remember.... they were stealing my money!
It wasn't mean.
It was "clear."
We tend to feed off each other..... and we wanted to make sure they took us seriously.

After a few more phone calls.... I started jabbing all the numbers that were not listed.
After a few, "This number is not available...." it rang and an actual voice picked up!
I can never be rude to an actual person.... so I calmly stated that they were trying to steal my money and I wanted it back.
The nice associate on the other side, in an even calmer voice explained that that was actually just a hold on my account.... it wasn't taking my money.
*Insert blushing, stammering, glaring at Beth.*
"OK.... Thanks!"


Then there was yesterday.....
I was having a Monday, on a Tuesday.
I was all emotional and sang "I had a Bad Day," a few too many times.
Beth called, pointed me to Christ, talked, processed ... it's all better.

Times like those are dear to my heart.
They remind me that even though Beth is all married and stuff..... she's still my sister!
We still can have crazy times.

Sisters are a wonderful thing....
You have a bond that holds you together through all the different stages of life!
We went through the rough parts of life, as well as the highlights together.
From the terrible twos, to the dramatic teens.... she was always there for me!

Even though she has entered this totally new time in life, we still share that relationship.
A relationship that means the world to me....
Beth has made my life so much brighter.

She is everything a woman is supposed to be, loves the Lord so much, and has pointed me to Him SO many times!

I am SO very blessed to have her in my life.....

I love her!!!!!!

Our own Band.... :)

I love you, Boo!