Monday, April 30, 2012


Don't you love how I go without a post for ten days... then spout off two in a row. 


I just like to keep you guessing.... ;)

I saw this car the other day....

Cute. Right? 
I think I was meant to drive a car like that.
Really.... I do. 

But, I guess, in a desperate condition I could put up with this.....

Perhaps this.....

If I was totally in dire need.....

And only if I came to the most desperate condition of mankind, I could possibly get behind the wheel of this.....


* You will never know just how much fun I had looking up these pictures!*

Pretty much.... I love these cars. 
I wouldn't mind driving one.... not one bit.

I have a weakness for cute cars.... 
It's all dad's fault. 

We went to California together....
He pointed out all the awesome cars and I fell hopelessly in love.

As much as I love cute cars..... I happen to love this little beauty!!

My car.
 Actually, my parents car that I use. :)

Isn't she cute?!?!?!?!?!?


I have a pretty colorful imagination... so it's not  hard  at all to pretend she's a "real" sports car! 
You know.... like this.

Want to know what I love about my car?

I love that I am not the "owner."

I love that gas is all that I pay for.... and just that hurts!

I love that my parent are so sweet and generous to let me use it!

I love that we can fit all eight of us in it.

I love that feeling of stopping at a light, sliding your shades down, nodding at the person beside you.... and watching their face. 

I love that time that we had our windows rolled down and a carload of teens drove up with their music BLARING and windows down.... in a moment of brilliance, we pumped up some classical tunes (like, Bach...) and made those punk's day!

I am serious about being thankful for our car!
It really is a blessing!
Even if she isn't as young as others.... she serves us well!

Merry Christmas.....
I can't resist posting a personal favorite!

2009 Ferrari California Pink

Off topic:
I just ate a burrito.
I love bean and cheese burritos!
It is a major comfort food!
Seriously.... they are my "spaghetti," or *insert whatever your "comfort food" is.*

If you have spent any time at our house... you'll understand why.

Burritos are a staple.
When we have a lot of people over for volleyball, we just cook up a pot of beans and, tada!
At all of my huge water fight birthday parties.... same thing!

When Johnny needs a snack.... he has a few burritos!
Burritos are awesome.

I didn't realize how much they make me feel at home... Especially when I am at home.
But I'm at work... and I feel at home.
I think I should make these when I'm in Indiana.

Anyhow.... It's no wonder we all love music so much!


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