Sunday, April 29, 2012

Then and Now

Style is an awesome thing. 

It is something that each person can have all to themselves.

When I was a little girl, I had awesome style!

Could you pull off an outfit like that?
I mean seriously... the red skirt, pink coat, lei, and wispy uncontrollable hair.... 
Oh... and don't forget to walk in that epic fashion statment way!


*I found a box of "little kid" pictures Jeff took back in the day... TREASURE!*

Back then.... I loved everything wild. 
Everything Pink.
Everything NEON!

I was NOT self-conscious in the mildest sense of the word.... I owned my style.... you were just the jealous onlooker.

I dreamed of having a pink and turquoise jeep... with a black squiggly line through the middle.
Oh... and I wanted a chicken with a diaper.

Then I hit fourteen.

Everything changed.
I decided I didn't want to be the "wild one."
I prayed that God would make me a quieter person and adjusted my wardrobe and hair likewise. 

I never did become a "quiet person..."
But I tried pretty hard.

Then.... I grew up (Or something like that...).

Jesus showed me who I am in HIM.
I became confident in who HE made me and stopped caring about other's opinions...

I am slowly finding "my style..."

I can't quite nail it because... it changes. 
I have a style change around every six months.

Right now.... I'm going through a strange phase.
But.... I like it.

It's a lot like when I was ten.
And crazily... it's a lot like my moms.

Mom has this sweater that is huge and awesome. 
I wore it.
Fell in love.
She gave it to me.
I'm blessed.

I like wild, bright, and pretty!
I like flowy, different, and weird.

I saw one of my best friends the other day.... she told me, "Don't take this wrong.... but you kinda look like you should have a paintbrush!" 
I didn't take it wrong.

I go shopping and find these awesome clothes.... and my sisters think I'm crazy.
My style is sometimes... odd?

No what phase I am in.... I ALWAYS love this one style. 
It's called "The Sweatshirt Doo."

I LOVE my sweatshirts.
I can't get enough of them.
There are many a day when my life has been at it's best, just because of the comfort of my hoody!
Sweatshirts are awesome.

While we are on the subject of clothes.

I love other clothes, too!
I love LOVE finding good deals on good clothes.
This can lead to a problem....a problem like having  WAY too many clothes.
I had WAY too many clothes.

Would you believe that I took this.....

I repeat.... WAY too many clothes.

And transformed it to this....

In less than thirty minutes?
Would you believe that?

Hmmm.... How about, an hour with a break in the middle?

A whole day with various snacks, coffee, and lunch breaks?

It took me a while....

I totally de-cluttered and got rid of a TON of stuff that I never wore.

It hurt... quite a bit.
I get pretty attached to my clothes.
Each item has a great bargain story behind it.
Did I mention that I love clothes....
I had to have tough love.... and it was pretty tough.

It was refreshing. 

Totally different thought:

Yesterday I was at work. 
Within an hour.... I have had two customers serenade me!

First: A lady was in the middle of chatting when she suddenly yelped and blared the music.
She went on to rock out and sing/belt at the top of her lungs!

Second: Older man, drives up, say's "Now this is music," blares his 50's tunes while busting out some awesome moves. (You know.... like pumping arms/ nodding head with and almost robotic like rhythm.)

One of the many joys of Barista-hood!
Pretty much LOVE my job!

I can't resist posting this.... 


  1. Fun post! Your style tastes as a child sound a lot like vonda's. :) I love htpic of you at fourteen. So demurely sweet looking. At least you had the look down pat! ;) Wow, I'm impressed at the de-cluttering! :)

    1. Thank you! I take it Vonda had AWESOME style! ;)