Saturday, August 27, 2011

Thinking of Jeff...

Today I went to a wedding.... it was beautiful in every way.
Like every other girl, I LOVE weddings. The romance, food, colors, romance, flowers, romance, and every other detail!
I was privileged to be able to sing at this wedding. I sang "I Will be Here." A song I learned many years ago.

I didn't realize until this evening, that it was exactly six years ago today, that I sang this same song to Jeff and Red Gieseke. That day will always be close to my heart.

Our family friend, Jeff, had asked my dad to be his best man, and me his flower girl in his upcoming wedding. He also wanted me to sing at the wedding.... Oh, and, by the way, his wedding was going to be in the Philippines! Yes, my parents and I were going to the Philippines together!
As a thirteen year old, nothing in the world could have made me happier!

I went through song after song, trying to find the perfect choice for Jeff and his bride. Finally I found "I Will Be Here." I chose the song because at the time Jeff was deployed with the military. I practiced the song time and time again throughout those months. Each time I sang it, I would sing it directly to Red and Jeff's picture.... this song was for them.

When we finally made it to the Philippines, I knew that song inside, outside, upside and downside! We had the most amazing time on that trip, It was an experience that I will never forget. I do believe that the island of Boracay is the closest that we, as humans can get to heaven. I think that when God created the earth... He created that island to give us a glimpse of what heaven will be like.

When I sang at Jeff and Red's wedding, six years ago... the last thing in the world I would have imagined would have been what happened this year.

Our dear friend, Jeff, passed away very suddenly.
After months of knowing this, writing those words brings back a wave of amazement... is it really true?
I have never felt my heart break into as many pieces as it did when I heard that sudden shocking news...

Jeff was amazing. He was the type of man who had lived through so much, you almost assumed that he would just live for ever.

Jeff was my friend, buddy, partner in crime, water target, as well as being an adult.

Jeff had spent the years following his marriage with his wonderful wife, Red, and their beautiful little girl, Maddie.
Jeff left a legacy of love and laughter. He had a way of bringing laughter and fun into whatever situation he walked into. He brought more joy to more people than one man should be allowed.

This day brings back many memories. Memories of the times he flew from California all the way to Idaho to attend my annual water gunfight/birthday party, or the time he dropped everything to help when my mom's sister died tragically. Most of all, this day reminds me of looking at Jeff next to his beautiful bride, and singing for him.

I miss, Jeff... so very much! He was one of a kind!

Although Jeff went to be with the Lord, his memories will always live on in our hearts.

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  1. What an heartfelt and touching tribute to a man that had such a special place in your heart! I am sure that he has been looking down from Heaven, as proud as can be at what an amazing and talented young woman you have become!