Monday, October 22, 2012


Happy Birthday, JOHNNY!

It is so insane and ridiculous that my biggest brother is now 18!
Goodness.... I miss this guy! 

He rocks my socks! 

Johnny is so dear to me! 
We have a million memories that I will never ever forget!
I miss being a kid... I miss being crazy.... I miss this guy!

I am so thankful for the wonderful brother and friend that Johnny is to me!

It is crazy to see your "little" brother grow up.... it's also awesome. 

It's awesome to see him growing as a man of God!

 Johnny is more of a blessing that he could ever really know!

I miss him so much....

I love him SO much!

Friday, October 19, 2012


My littlest brother turned 14 today!
I have never missed his day before. It's killing me!

Peter is like none other.
His joy and energy rock my world.
I truly cherish the memories I have with Pete.
The crazy times we have shared will never EVER be lost in my heart.
I plan on having many more crazy times with him... but for now, I'm in Indiana, he's in Idaho.

I wish so much I could share this day with him...
...To have him come wake us all up way too early in the morning.
... To sing him "Happy Birthday," super off key.
... To  make him a gourmet bowl of Fruit Loops.
... To....

This is not helping.

Peter. I love you.
More than anything.
You make my heart sing every single time I am talking to mom and hear, "Please, PLEASE! I NEED to talk to her!!"
Or the times I get an emergency text and call to hear, "Oh hey! I just wanted to talk!"
I am blessed beyond words to have you in my life!
I am so proud of the man that you are!

I miss you. SO. MUCH!
I want to be with you today... but we will make up it in 9 weeks!

Pete. I love you.

Peter took me to coffee before I left.... BEST date EVER!!!!!

Peter has awesome hair!!!!!

Peter loves to Skype!!!

Peter.... is Da Bomb!