Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oh Brother!

Peter, Pete, Petoe; he's my brother.

This guy is pretty cute... *Pete, I meant that in the manliest of ways.
I know Peter is going to read this... he reads my blog! *sigh/smile

Cool things you should know about Pete:

- Peter claims that he won't get married. He has held fast to that decision since he was able to talk.
The thing is, Peter is the type of guy who couldn't NOT get married.
He is so sweet and affectionate, crazily good-looking, on and on it goes.
Since he is so convinced that romance is gross and totally not for him, we decided to make some cash.
Beth, Johnny, Jimmy, and I have a contract in writing. I was the only one who was loving enough only to do a measly hundred bucks. I didn't want to rip him off or anything.
Poor Pete; he is going to have to worry about way more than just paying for the ring.
*FYI, I don't think I will really take his money. But, it is on paper....

- Peter is obsessed with fire!
When it was just getting cool this summer,  Peter was begging to start building fires.
We never have to keep the fire going... Pete's on it!
If you have a candle.... Pete finds a ridiculous amount of joy by putting his fingers through it!
He want's to be a fireman. This could be a problem....  he would have to put out fires instead of starting them.

- Peter dances with me when NO-ONE will dance with me!
When I did "Cinderella," I learned a few steps of ball-room dancing... It was SO fun!
I try to drag Johnny around the living room, but he doesn't find dancing all that exciting.
Peter, on the other hand, will whirl me around.
Apart from the times he  "accidentally" drops me, it is rather fun!
No, we don't do any of the "proper" steps... but, hey, who cares!
Anyhow.... it is sweet of him.

- Pete is SO mischievous!
 He reminds me of this crazy kid I used to know... Oh, that was me. :)

- Peter is all boy, which in this generation, I have come to REALLY love! He will come and ask us on Sunday morning if the shirt mom is making him wear is girly. "Pete, it's blue and green with a moose. How could that possibly be girly?" We have to gently reassure him that his masculinity is still completely in tact.

- Peter sings... loud! Pete has an awesome voice. Sadly, he is hushed a lot.
No one understands that some people just have to belt it out.
Peter and I have a lot in common... I sang too loud. Actually, I still sing too loud.
We get it from dad. At church I love to stand by dad because he sings louder than me so I don't have to try to sing quieter.
Every now and then, we will stop singing and realize that the rest of the church is on verse three rather than four. And then there are the times that we make our own rhythm...
But usually it works!

- Peter is not embarrassed to publicly acknowledge that we are his sisters and that he loves us. He will even hug us if his friends are around!

- Peter has a motorcycle/dirt-bike! It is awesome!. Dad loves motorcycles.... Peter has wanted one forever.  After  years of working for the neighbors and saving every penny, Pete got his bike! He loves it.... a lot!

- Peter thinks coffee is the bomb (That is the new word for "cool."). He isn't allowed to drink it... but every now and then I will give him a sip of mine, and he acts as though we have been given a sneak-peek of heaven, which, in a way, I did!

- "Nobody tells me anything!" This is Peter's phrase. He feels that everyone keeps secrets. "What! Lizzy liked Jeffrey!?!?!?!" Marian sleeps in the girls room... meaning she knows way too much! But Pete, he sometimes misses out on big news. "Wait! We have more than one Aunt??!?!?!?!?!?"

- Peter is a little athlete.
I love watching my brothers play sports and cheering for them.... last time we went to Johnny and Jimmy's game, Peter told me that it's embarrassing to have your sister cheering for you when you are only warming up.... Hm... I can't understand why!
Anyhow, Peter is SO stinkin athletic! He is going to all the practices with Johnny and Jimmy right now, even though he is too young to play with them. He played one game; Jo and I laughed the whole time.
He was guarding a big kid. Every now and then, he would ask the guy a random question.... as if it was totally normal to ask "So, do you play soccer?" or "What's your favorite food?"
It was entertaining.

- Peter loves the Lord! I put this last because it is the most important... I like to save the best for last!

The other day, Jo, Mom and I were discussing the importance of godly men in our culture. It is not an easy
thing to be a godly man in this culture.... but we need men.
We have three young "men!" How great is that! How important it is that we pray for them....

Back to Pete.
Peter and I are pretty much the same with lots of differences. Without him in our life, it would be pretty dull around here!
I love him bucketfuls, truckloads, and tons!

You da bomb, Pete!

When I was in "CInderella," Peter and I would sit for hours going through the script.
He did  the parts and sang the songs perfectly! Ok, ok... there was nothing perfect about it.... he made up the tunes and made the prince into a beast... but it was AWSOME!

Sad.... sad.

Peter and Marian were the "Miniature bride and groom" for my cousin's wedding...
many years ago. Peter wasn't all that thrilled!

 Marian played the perfect angel.....

Then there was Pete....

Crazy Boys!

This video cracks me up because the kids were not supposed to touch the camera. Pete and Marian were being naughty, and were caught in the act because the camera was on "video." They thought it was taking a picture. :)

I love you, Pete!


  1. LOVE the post! Yes, we need godly men and what a privilege to be in families with them!!!