Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Old Friends!!!!!!

The kids are watching an Avonlea. Ok, ok... so are mom, dad, Jo, and I! 
It is bringing SO many memories back!
They were SUCH a part of my childhood.
We didn't watch a lot of movies as kids, when we did, it was movies like Shirley Temple, Veggie Tales, and "Tales from Avonlea"

These kids are like old friends....

Felix, He's my buddy! 
He reminded me that other kids made mistakes too!

Felix King posed - road-to-avonlea photo

Sarah, she made me wish I was a nicer kid! 

Felicity drove me NUTS!!! How does she sleep at night knowing what a bossy, horrible person she is! 

Felicity - road-to-avonlea photo

Gus.... Gus was everything a guy was supposed to be (minus the pipe!!)! How did he possibly fall for Felicity?!?! What was he thinking?

Jasper Dale had my sympathy. I couldn't talk when I was a kid. I didnt pronounce' words properly. I was called "Little Miss Tookie!" Sad, sad.... I think it was because I had two older sisters that talked enough that I didn't feel the need. It's pretty ironic, now you can't shut me up! Anyhow, my sisters used to tell me that I would talk like him  when I grew up. This was traumatic to me. 

Aunt Hetty still scares me!

Ahhhh.... I'm a kid again! 
I can't stop laughing! They are so tiny and cute! 
They have newer episodes that show my friends growing up. 
The little kids are my favorite! 
They are the ones I love! 

Have you ever seen, "Tales of Avonlea?"


  1. We love them, also!!! The kids just asked me a couple days ago to order all of volume 4 from netflix as that is the only one we haven't seen everyone of.

    love your descriptions of them :)

  2. That is a great season.... Besides Gus falling for Felicity!!!

  3. I have not seen Tales of Avonlea, perhaps I am missing out? This seems pretty oldschool :).

  4. Joel. I knew there was something about you.... They are pretty oldschool... in the best way! I don't know if watching them as an adult would work. I grew up with them... so I still love the people, etc. You MUST let your kids watch them(Or I will report you for child-abuse!)!

  5. I knew I had something missing in my life. I am going to have to grabe some of these DVDs? Tapes? Cassettes? Lol. Ok il leave these guys to be my future kids friends :). I don't want to be an abusive dad for not letting them watch these :).