Sunday, January 29, 2012


Yesterday and today are my parents anniversary! We are not sure which day they actually got married. Both days are marked on the calendar.

Instead of writing a post about how wonderful they are (You can read their birthday blog here.), because they really are wonderful, I decided to post a "journal entry" that dad wrote to Johanna when she was born. He has a journal for each of us that he has kept up-dated throughout our lives.
Dad gave me permission to blog this... I promise.

 "We met in Bandon, Oregon. Your mother left her career as a social worker, working in a child protection agency in Penticton, to attend a small Bible school where I was a teacher. Under the surface we were immediately attracted to each other. Our feelings grew as we shared common interests. We attended the same church, we shared much time together on the campus, we ministered together door-to-door sharing the gospel (with only little 4 year old Drew Davidson as a chaperon), plus, we went for lunches and coffee together. I remember long beautiful walks on the gorgeous Oregon beach with the waves crashing continuously under perfect moonlight where we discussed at great length our vision for raising a family. And all this occurred before we even admitted that we were attracted to each other.

When we acknowledged our mutual flame of affection it was already a blazing inferno of heat.
We knew that God had brought us together. That He had purposed that we become one and that we should demonstrate what a godly marriage could be. We had no question but that joining each other we were doing God's will. And more - we believed that having a family and raising it in the Lord was our mission. To give you a healthy environment and to instill in you an understanding of God's purpose for your life. We have embraced this concept from the beginning so you can appreciate the joyful anticipation we felt when we first knew that you were in your mother's womb."

Aw... so sweet! *sniff*
Mom and dad got married at a Justice of the Peace. No, nothing was wrong... mom wasn't into planning a wedding.
It is pretty ironic that now "planning weddings" has become a ministry God has used her with.

Mom wore a red dress... she still can't figure out why she wore that ugly thing.

Cool thing is.... 24 years later and my parents really love each other.
Oh... and 24 years later they have 7 kids that love the Lord and think they are the BEST!
Mom and dad, You really did give us a "healthy environment... to instill in you an understanding of God's purpose for (our) life."

Thank you, dad and mom!

I can't resist an opportunity to
 have a Michael Buble Song... :)


  1. O, Helen, how sweet! A godly marriage is ......well... what can I say??? Beyond words!!! :) :) So glad to see a young woman so happy for her parents and for the commitment they made to love God and each other!

  2. Ever since I met your family y'all have been a huge blessing to me. To see the love you all have for the Lord and each other is so wonderful to see. Something I trust to have in my family throughout my years.

  3. Thank you, both! God has been so good.