Wednesday, September 19, 2012

There is a REDEEMER!!!!!!!!

Happiness = Being in the perfect will of God.
Contentment = Knowing God... nothing else really truly matters.
Joy = Only comes through Christ.
Love = Christ.
Conviction = Obnoxious but wonderful!
Idolatry = Anything you place in higher regard than Christ.

AWESOME = Seeing God Work!!!!!!

Never... ever... EVER did I imagine how wonderful this experience would be.

It is changing my heart.
It is molding my life.
It is amazing.

When I came here....  I thought I would have to basically "survive a year" of serving God.
Now... two months later... I have never been more fulfilled or happy.

I miss home... miss my family... but wouldn't WANT to leave.
I LOVE, absolutely LOVE what God has me doing here.
It stretches me in a growing, learning to love God more type of way.

Recently a girl here at VOH accepted Christ into her heart and life.
NEVER have I seen Salvation in this light.
I will never look at Salvation the same.

I can't even describe the happiness that I feel even thinking about her now.
God redeems.....
God transforms lives....
God loves....
God is amazing.

I am amazed.

Sorry about the lack of posts.... Just a bit busy! :)