Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Phase Two.

Oh my word.
I've been here six months.
There are only six months left!
I'm going home soon!
I am an, "OLD" intern!
I trained a "NEW" intern to take over my shift!
I get to start working the evening shift tonight!!!!!

I had my last day to wake up at four AM. Goodness... that starts to wear on you.
It's crazy the difference between my shifts now compared to when I first came.

At the beginning I was timid... scared... questioning EVERYTHING I did.
Now, I love leading and helping the girls. God has given me a desire to help rather than it just being my job.

I can be totally be honest NOW when I say I LOVE the job that God has given me to do here.
I LOVE the way God speaks to me through my shifts to change my life... He places every situation so perfectly to grow me in what He knows I need.

Most of all......... I LOVE THESE GIRLS!

Not a little... not even a semi normal amount....TONS!

I love them with a love the God gave the minute I became an intern... but that has grown to an overwhelming extent!

Each girl is so unique, so precious in the sight of God.

My heart breaks when I see them struggle, yet, I see God so clearly ministering to each of them.
Yesterday God gave me two precious moments that made me stand in absolute wonder of what a mighty God we are serving!
Little things... but things that shake my entire perspective of life!

It is a life changing experience to have the tiniest part and an up-close view of a beautiful transforming work that is happening in these lives.

Sometimes I think of being here as a sanctification boot-camp.
You cannot help but be changed.... You cannot help but see idols in your own heart!

As much as I miss my homeland and family... I truly am grateful that God still has six more months for me here!
This is something that I didn't think I would ever be able to say.

The verses that God gave me when I first came are still a daily source of strength.
"Indeed, I count all things as loss for the SURPASSING worth of knowing Christ."
I want to know Him so much more.

I am so thankful that my honeymoon with my Savior is only just beginning and that He has plans and purpose for way beyond these next six months.