Friday, January 13, 2012

Ten Reasons to Start a Blog!

For all my non-blogging friends who have not started a blog yet. I have come up with some reasons to convince you to start one.

1. It is a space that is completely yours. One place that you can write your thoughts, jokes, questions. Truly, it is your space, to do with as you please.
2. It is really cool to say, "I have a blog..."
3. If your mom is anything like mine, you can get out of tons of chores. You just mention that you were thinking of doing a post and she will let you off anything (I know... that is horrible!)!
4. You can threaten your little siblings with it. If your brothers are being stinkers, you just say, "Peter... I'll write a blog about this!" Works like a charm. Not that I've tried it... *cough cough*
5. You will suddenly find out who else has a blog and get to read them.
6. Someday your kids will read it and know what their parent was like!
7. You will go through life constantly thinking, "Oh, that could be a good post!"  When I was really little, I narrated my life in my head. I dreamed I was writing a book about my life... it would have been quite the book, "She ran through the kitchen, grabbed a carrot, and went out side to sit on the steps and slowly chew it (I'm serious about my love for carrots.)." Now, I go through life writing a blog... sad, very sad!
8. If you cook or craft, you could blog about it. I don't do crafts (At ALL!)... and I'm not a confident enough cook to post a bunch of recipes (They would be like, " Put a little of that in, then taste it, add seasonings, add about a wooden spoonful of this, etc.") so I don't do that. BUT... you could!
9. There is something fun and relaxing about writing a blog. I have been too busy for it lately, but I really do enjoy it a ton. You may find it strangely addictive.
10. I could read it!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

So... start a blog, already!!!!


  1. i will think about it

  2. I am So Very Glad That I started One...It is very Nice...It is a great place to just share my feelings, & let things out, but at the same time show Gods love, on it I love it... <3