Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Big Little Brother

I just saw something funny/stupid... my first thought: "Oh, I have to show Johnny!"

Then a sad reality hit me. Johnny isn't here to tell.
Johnny has abandoned us all to go on a week trip to Texas.
How heartless! Who am I supposed to share my crazy jokes with?

I can still text him. I did.
I told him I was going to write a blog about him... he was scared.

Now I sit, ready to tell you about my big little brother, Johnny.
He is pretty awesome.
Johnny has been my buddy for as long as I can remember.
We have got ourselves into so much trouble together! 

Johnny protects me.

When Johnny took me hunting, he didn't get mad at me when I kept taking pictures and made too much noise walking... he just turned around, smiled, and pointed out how to be quieter.

Johnny "gets" my ridiculous sense of humor... that is a rare attribute!
We will laugh at something that make no sense to anyone else.

Johnny likes my cooking.
He says things like... "This is the best lunch I've EVER had."
I'm starting to think that it is really just code for, "I love you and I know you want to hear that."
He eats LOTS of the food I make. That makes me happy.

We were playmates as kids.
When Jo and Beth started "growing up," Johnny and I allied in our immaturity; we did everything together.

Many a day, we would spend half the day packing the wagon to go play "pioneers" in the fields... we would drag everything out there... decide we didn't want to play anymore and spend the rest of the day unpacking!
We never really thought through things.

There have been many crazy things I have dragged Johnny into. 
Like the time I decided to make a "movie."
Mom was gone and we were supposed to be cleaning.
I talked Johnny into being my fellow actor while Jo and Beth became our directors and camera crew.
We spent all day on that silly thing. 
Just a glimpse... 

Pretty great sound effects, right?

Needless to say we didn't get much "cleaning" done.

Sometimes I think that Johnny and I are really twins.... with some time in-between.

On my 19th birthday, Johnny gave me a letter that brought me to tears.
I will always treasure it.
 He could never really know how much that meant to me!

Johnny once came into our room when I was having a moment... you know the type of moment when you cry... just because . He hugged me and explained that my life wasn't really falling apart. I was over-exaggerating (shocker!). I stopped crying.

Some may think I am bragging and well... I am.
You have to admit... He is kinda awesome.
I am so proud of the man Johnny has become.

He has a heart for the Lord and I know that the Lord has great plans for him.
Johnny makes me smile.
He is my kindred spirit.
I love him.

Check out Johnny's face!

It was nice growing up with someone like you - someone to lean on, someone to count on... someone to tell on!  ~Author Unknown

First a brother, then a bother, now a friend. ~ Unknown

Uncle Johnny!

Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.  ~Marc Brown

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