Monday, November 28, 2011

Who Stole the Baby?!?!?!

SOMEONE stole the baby and replaced her with this beautiful young lady!

When did this crazy switch take place!

Where did this go?

Why do her clothes match so well?

What happened to this?

Marian! Stop growing up!

Marian is our "baby!"
When she is eighty, she will still be the baby.

Marian was raised completely different than the rest of us.
She grew up with three brothers and slept in the same room as three teenage girls.

This made her a strange mix of 10 going on thirty, girly girl and crazy tom-boy.

When she was little we would spend lots of time doing her hair, put her in a beautiful dress, and then find her wrestling with the boys!

This year Marian is singing a solo at our church Cantata, The crazy thing is... I sang that same song, "Grandma Hurry Up," nine years ago. I was the same age as she is now. Hearing her sing it brings back SO many memories. Anyhow... It is special to me!

Marian spent all of Black Friday following me while I ran around in circles. I would ask her if she wanted to go with someone else, but she was faithful to the end... always happy to go in circles.

Marian is:

- WAY too pretty! Good thing she has all of those brothers!

- The most sensitive little girl... she was always there to hug and wipe away our tears.

- Dog crazy. Sometimes I think she loves my dog more than I do!

- Mom's delight. "Where I go, you go!"

- Mischievous.

- Brilliant. "Hey Helen, We should put toothpaste in Jimmy's cookie!" (Great minds think alike!)

- Sometimes spoiled.

- Too cute to say no to. One night she came up to me and asked SO sweetly, "Helen, can I go on your Facebook.... Just to see what it's like!" *Insert; batting eyelashes and angelic smile.. "Of course you can!"

- Concerned about style... "I cannot wear black tights with my brown boots!!!"  (Now who taught her that!)

- Gets me into SO much trouble. Somehow I get blamed for most of what Marian does.

- A treasure and joy! She went to summer camp this year... we all were shocked with the difference in our house. It was sad...


I love Marian SO very much!
She's my baby!


Sugar and spice
and everything nice
that's what little girls are made of


  1. sweet!:) hey when is the cantata? maybe we should check it out?!

  2. It is December 18th, at 11am.
    It should be really great!
    This is the first year none of us have been n the choir. :(

  3. Oh... it's at our church, Victory Baptist. I could give you directions if you want them!