Thursday, November 17, 2011


It's Jimmy's birthday today!!!!
Jimmy is a pretty great guy!

Let me tell you about him...
- Is insanely smart!
- Tells jokes better than anyone else!
- Acts a lot like dad.
- Thinks... a lot!
- Is way too witty! :)
- LOVES food!
- Is very complimentary.
- Is good at whatever he does.
- Is Athletic.
- Is a hard worker.
- Is sweet.
-  Is my 15 year old brother!

 Best of all, Jimmy loves the Lord so much!  He has a heart that is so tender! He inspires me so much with how many scriptures he knows.
I can't wait to see how the Lord is going to use Jimmy!

Quotes from the day:

"I think I should take birthday's off too... I had the baby!" - Mom

(Pulling me aside in a whispering voice...) "Helen... we should get Jimmy outside and have everyone throw snowballs at him!" - Peter :)

"We are just going to stay home and just eat. All day!" -Mom

This is how my my brothers, "play!"

Handsome Boy! 

James Sr. and Jr.


  1. Wow, happy birthday Jimmy! I can't believe he's so grown up. He was such a little boy when I lived with you. It's so wonderful to see how much you all love each other!

  2. Wow, I think your Mom's idea is a geat one! I've never thought of that!!:) LOL

  3. Happy Birthday Jimmy!!! I hope you had a grand day and that if the siblings threw snow at you, that you got them back! LOL