Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Daddy's Girls!

It is a complete understatement to say that my dad is the best dad in the world. I know almost every child must think this about their dad, but I am completely unbiased (well... almost!) in saying that my dad is absolutely and positively AMAZING!!!!! My favorite story about my dad is from many years ago... I must have been barely three years old.

Every day my dad would tell his little girls how beautiful they are. Blushing we would snuggle closer and ask, "Who's prettiest, daddy?" He would smile and say that we were all equal in beauty. In our three, five, and six year old minds, we would gripe wondering when dad would really tell us who was the prettiest!

Finally, on a beautiful summer day, daddy had an announcement! He had finally decided who was the most beautiful girl! He had hung a picture of her in the back of our precious playhouse. Off we ran... racing to see who's picture would look back at us. As be piled into the little house, we stopped short as we saw a huge mirror with all of our faces laughing back! We stopped asking who was the most beautiful, because we all knew that daddy thought we were all the prettiest!

Silly as this memory may be, I will always treasure it! I am so thankful for my dad! I really would be a mess without him! He is there for me every day, loving, protecting, laughing... he is my hero! I love you, dad!

My 16th birthday date!

Dad's Girls!

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  1. That is so precious Helen. Truly, we are blessed with early fathers as well as a Heavenly! Not biased... please! Ha :)