Monday, April 16, 2012


I have a great brother.... three, actually.
But Jimmy  has been especially nice lately.

He let me use his laptop.

When I had a blog ready to post and Internet at work went kerplunk... Jimmy came to my rescue.

When I was writing emails with important people (You know.... like Ron Paul, Julie Andrews, Mike Buble, etc.).... Jimmy saved me!

After mooching off of him for long enough (... and when I made the final decision to go to Indiana.), I realized something....

I needed a laptop, bad.

I got my first "big"  tax return... so I decided to use it do this deed.

I searched high and low for the "right laptop," and spent hours researching all the different types.

Just so you know.... I know nothing about computers.

When I went to BestBuy and Staples to get an idea of what I wanted.... the people must have doubted my sanity.

They talk so weird.
One guy tried to explain the difference between two computers.

"This one has *a bunch of thing I don't understand,* while this one is has a *more long confusing words.* Also, this one has *blah, blah, blah, hardrive,* while that one has "yack, yack, yack, memory.*

Finally I asked, "Ummmm.... is there any reason to buy the one that's a hundred dollars more? Or would I be fine just getting the cheaper one?"

"Ummmmmmmmmmm.... Actually.... there isn't. You would be totally fine with the cheaper one."

Alrighty then.
That was really insightful!

It isn't easy looking for something when they speak a different language.

I would find the "perfect computer," print out the details.... show everyone, then find something wrong.
I had about three different "perfect laptops."
Each ended up disappointing me greatly.

They were all too big or too little... too spendy or` too cheap.

I really wanted the perfect computer!
I prayed.
I believe God cares about our little things as well as big....

Then I found this baby.

I had looked on the BestBuy outlet center a HUNDRED times.... suddenly this beauty popped up.
Brand new.
Perfect size.
Better price than I expected.
Basically everything I wanted.
And more.... lots more.

So I started asking everyone if I was just being impulsive.... not that "being impulsive" is something I struggle with!

Everyone agreed that it looked awesome.
This really scared me.... because usually if something is too good to be true, it is too good to be true!

So I prayed! 
And then I bought it.....

It has been the BEST!!!!!!

The day after I bought it I looked up online at the same place and found others for double the price.

It's PERFECT for what I do with her. 

Jeffrey looked it over and said she was an AWESOME computer.

I named her Bell.... because she is a "Dell." Clever.... right?

Don't worry.... it's not like I treat her better than my dog and hardly let anyone touch her. *Cough*

I'm trying to be better about sharing.... but I tend to have issues with keeping computers alive. 
Rest in peace, Arnie and Ted.

Oh.... and there is one more thing about Bell.....

One tiny detail that shows me that God was totally involved in finding her.

One small fact that keeps my brothers from stealing her.

Something that makes me love her very dearly....


Wait for it.....


Oh, yes.....


  1. CUTE! McKenna would love the color!

  2. Thanks for your comment, sweetie! Made my day. You remind me so much of my 18 (well, on Sunday she will be) year old daughter. Blessings!

  3. Aw! I hope that's a good thing!!!! :) I really enjoy your blog! My mom and sister can't have dairy or wheat.... so cooking can be "freaky!"