Thursday, April 19, 2012

Not Another!!!!!!!

Goodness.... every year at around the same time, Marian has a birthday!

It's getting old.... actually, SHE'S getting old!

Baby and Me.... back in the day!

Today is that cute little stinkers birthday.

She is ELEVEN!!!!!

Our baby is growing up!

Marian brings so much joy to my life.

EVERY single day she tells me how much she loves me.
She gives me hugs and kisses.....

I work pretty much the same schedule every week..... but every day, Marian asks if I'm working and then says, "Ohhh...." in the saddest voice imaginable, when I say, I am.

I am a blessed older sister.

I love her!!!!!!!!

P.S. You can read a post about her here.


  1. and how i love this time of year i have gotten very blessed to have that little girl born on my birthday, to share this with to be able to spend this time both of you this morning. I was thinking of when I would spend the nite and open gifts and the whole family would go out to panhandle pies what great fun we had on our birthday. yes she is getting to be a lady. it's good to see all the kids today all are getting bigger I m very proud of all of you

    I love you all

    1. I love you, Shelley!
      So many wonderful memories with you!
      Thank you for this comment.... it means so much!