Wednesday, May 2, 2012


For a guy that has sworn off matrimony, Peter sure does surround himself with a lot of chicks.

Peter bought fifteen baby chicks this last week.
It is his first "business endeavor!"

He has done such a wonderful job....
Until this morning.
A few minutes ago.... Peter cried out in a panicky voice.
"There are only fourteen!!!!"

Peter looses pretty much everything.... his wallet, paychecks, shoes, etc.
But a chicken?
This is a bit much!

I helped him count them again to make sure he didn't mess up.....
He didn't.
There are only fourteen chickens!

We are looking everywhere.

But so chick!

Only in the Soderberg house do you have a week old baby chick go missing.
Hopefully she will turn up soon.... Peter is rather distraught!

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