Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekend Memories!


How's your Memorial weekend?

I am so SO thankful for the many people who served and are serving our country!

Did you or are you doing anything awesome?!?!?!
Me too!

Here's a few things that happened or will happen over the weekend!

1. Jo and I had a shopping day!
It was awesome!
On that shopping trip, as we were attempting to leave the store, I had trouble pulling the door open.... I kept pulling and pulling.
I looked over and saw Jo doing the same thing.
Right when I was going to say that they were locked in, we both pushed.
They opened.
We both glanced around to make sure no one had seen.
As we shamefully proceeded out, Jo stated, "Well. They didn't have a "Push" sign!"

Times like that make me thankful I am not the only one....

2. There are some moments that I wish I could stash away forever.
Simple moments.
Moments that truly melt your heart.
Moments that overwhelm you with thankfulness.
Moments that take your breath away.
Moments that God gives.

I had a moment like that with a little sibling.
It meant the world to me.
More than the world.
More than anything.


4. I ate chocolate pudding for breakfast two days in a row.
I didn't feel guilty in the least bit.
It was eggs, milk, stevia... and it was amazing.
It's not something I would offer to my brothers.... but I have been craving chocolate like you wouldn't believe, and it hit the spot!
Speaking of chocolate cravings..... you should mix some pure cocoa powder with vanilla Greek Yogurt, put it over frozen, sliced bananas, and glaze/toast some chopped almonds to go on top.
It is heavenly!
Believe me.
I know this.

5. I'm going to go get some dates and try out matrimony.

In other words.
I am going to attempt to make "Matrimonial Cake" with dates.
I've never made it before.
I've never tasted t before.
Dad loves it.
He has memories of it.
I shall make it!
He shall eat it.
Everyone else thinks it sounds disgusting.

6. I am going to take advantage of this last week of "teenager-hood."
I am SO ready to leave it.
BUT..... if I only have a week left, I might as well be as immature and annoying as possible....

7. A lady thought I was twelve.
She was a nice lady.... but I didn't think that was a bit uncalled for!
Ugg! I thought I was done with that "looking way younger than I am" stuff!!
Please. Don't tell me, "Someday you'll appreciate it!!"
It doesn't help.
I am almost twenty. I don't want to look twelve!

8. The boys + me + laptop + ice Cream + Chuck Norris = The BEST of times!!!
I am SO good at math!

9. My brothers are 100 times cooler and more awesome than Chuck Norris!
Just saying.

10. The B's and us played in a tournament on Saturday.
Yesterday, we set up a net after church and, though everyone else left, we played all afternoon.
Today, we are going to Coeur D' Alene.
Guess what we are going to do?????
Guess who might come join us??????

We are going to play VOLLEYBALL and the B's might come!
Got you
I love throwing curve-balls!

Between the B's and us.... we maybe labeled as a bit obsessed with this sport.... but that doesn't stop us!

We won most of our games Saturday!
Took first in our pool.
Played for first in the whole tournament but lost.
It wasn't a shameful loss.
We played our best, etc.

Em, of course, was adorable.

Her dad was, er.... Jeffreyish! :)

I believe I can fly..... :)

Marian played on a team and did AWESOME!!!!!!!!
I'm so proud of her!!!

11. Marian and I went on a walk and found five snails. 
Whoot whoot!
Just for my conscience sake I must say.... one of them may or may not have been dead. We can't be sure. 
I haven't seen a snail since California.... I was little. 
This was a crazy find!

Beth and I used to love them 
I remember bathing them, taking off their shell, kissing them, etc. 

This time, we just named them. 
Showed mom.

Let them go away. 

On our walk, Marian and I also saw this....

I decided that I like donkeys. 
EVERY girl and her best friend LOVES horses....
So I don't.
But not everyone likes Donkeys. 
So I like them....

On that same walk, Marian rode on my back for at least a quarter of the way.
She forgot to put on proper shoes.

It was an experience. 

An experience that made me wonder what would happen if I was hiking and my friend got mauled by a bear. 
If they weigh more than eighty pounds.... just know, I can't do it.

Well, Johnny wants me to try his grilled watermelon and  people are loading into the car.

Have an awemazing day!!!!!!

Post Script:


Don't waste your watermelon. 
(It isn't as cool as it sounds. It is warm and soggy and nasty.)

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