Thursday, May 10, 2012

Blue Skies......

"Bang, bang, bang!!!!!"  
Visit our house on this gorgeous day and you will surely hear, "guns a blazin!"

I was cracking up while watching our boys and girl, sneak, I thought I would go into stealth-mode and snap some pictures of the kids in action.
It didn't go over just as planned, but I did get a few pictures!

Marian didn't get the whole "look natural!" thing....

"Helen.... I'm hiding!"

Even Johnny and Jimmy got in on the fun!

I got a gun.... But then everyone kept yelling, "Helen, I shot you!!!!"
"Helen, YOU'RE DEAD!!!!!"

Only Mom can kick back while war rages all around.

Ahhhhhh.... It's pretty much a gorgeous day!

"Blue Skies, Shining on Me, Nothing but Blue Skies, Do I See...."

I love days like this.
I love watching the kids be kids.
I love sun!
I love my family!
I love the Creator of all this beauty.

Side Note/Story:

So yesterday I made this cake I like to call, "The Bomb Inside the Bomb....."
It was an explosion... I mean smash!

We finished it up, but I had put aside a nice piece for later.

Today, I offered Johnny that piece.
He declined it with a guilty look....
I couldn't understand!
Why would Johnny say no to food, especially my cake!
I thought he was sick, didn't like the cake, was a ghost....
Until I found this.....

He has his own stash!
I knew declining cake wasn't like Johnny!

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