Friday, May 18, 2012

Road Trip Happenings!

Happy Mothers Day!!!

Oh.... You noticed that it is a bit late? 

We were out of town.....
And then Monday, Wednesday, and Tuesday, I didn't have the "blogging mood" on.
Thursday I started on this post, but didn't have enough "mood" to finish.

So, I made sure to put "the mood" on this morning.... and here I am!

Mom, Jo, Marian, and I went to visit Oma for that very special holiday called Mothers Day.

Remember her?

It was such fun......

I love road trips SO MUCH!

It was super last minute but SO wonderful!

A few happenings from this trip!

1. We ate.
A ton.
I mean.....
I had food by my feet, a cooler by my side, stuff on my lap....
Then we got to Oma's house and she fed us TONS!!!!!
I repeat.
We ate, a lot!

2. I got a tan through the window..... actually a sunburn.
For around three hours, I twisted and turned to get my face in the sunshine.
I really wanted a tan.... or a burn, either would work!

After three miserable hours.... I had a brilliant thought.
" Um, mom, can you get a sunburn through the window?"
She answered so wisely....
"Sure.... if it's down."

I looked over at my window and it had a little sticker stating that it blocked the sun.
I gave up my hope of a tan or burn.

The next day, I woke up and looked in the mirror....
I had my sunburn.

So.... who knows whether or not the rest of the human population can get a sunburn through a tinted window....But I can!

3. There is a house near Oma's.
We walked by it... and memories flooded back.
When we were kids, Johnny and I always walked from Oma's house to downtown near by.
We felt so grown up because we were allowed to go all by ourselves.
As we walked by each of the houses we would kneel down to see if the grass was "fake" or not.
You know how people roll out a layer of grass when they plant it?
Well.... we thought it was fake, because you could see the difference in the ground.
We were not what some call... "genius."

There was one house that scared us to DEATH!
On the gate there was a sign that read, "Forget the Dog.... Beware of Owner!"
AHHHHH!!! Run for your life!!!!!!!

We never walked by that house.
We talked quiet whenever we were near it.
We  threw little rocks in the yard.... you know, to see what would happen.
When Beth and Jo told us we were being silly..... we kept being scared.

Well, we saw the owner this trip.
I have to admit... my heart did skip a beat.
He looked like a pretty ordinary old man.... I know better than to believe that!

4. On the way home, we saw this....

And this....

AND this...

Yes, that is a boat with wheels.

And craziest of all....


4. It was SO nice spending time with the girls!
We talked, Jo read us Sherlock Homes, shopped, went to Grand Coulee Dam....

Marian and I shared the backseat.

We had a great time.
By the time we were on our way home, I think that small thread that kept us sane, snapped.

Poor Jo.
Poor Mom.

5. The boys were SO very miserable without us.
Poor dears!
I think I saw tears in Peter's eyes as he hugged me on our return.

After raving on and on and on and on and on about ALL the fun they had without us, Jimmy summarized it by saying....
"Basically, it was heaven on earth!"

Thanks, Fred!
I love you, too!

6. On the way home, we went out to eat..... and Guess who has two thumbs and forgot their purse?
You know... who never forgets anything!

Guess who else....
No way!

Oh.... and Someone else did, too.

All three of us.
How crazy is that?

It was an embarrassing walk back to pick them all up.

7. We went to a great church up in Canada.
There was a  older man sitting behind me who sang monotone the whole time.
It blessed me.
For real.
It blessed me to hear his voice praising the Lord without thought to anyone else!

8. They sang this song at church on Sunday.

Wow.... God knew how much I have been needing that!

I wish so much that I could say I've got this whole "surrender thing" down pat.... but I don't.
Not a bit.

Actually.... surrendering and letting go has never been harder.

Jesus is so very faithful.
"I am weak but He is strong!"
How true He has proved those words.
I would be a basket case without that promise!

"I'm giving You my heart, and all this is within
I lay it all down, for the sake of You my King
I'm giving You my dreams, Laying down my rights"

"And I surrender, all to you...All to you"

I am so thankful that the Lord keeps teaching, keeps molding, keeps loving, keeps holding....

Oh,  by the way, I bought a one way, non-refundable plane ticket to Indiana.
42 days, 13 hours, 27 seconds, 26, 25, 24....
Time is going so fast.
Too fast.
Here I am, pretty much drinking in every moment as my last.... and the days are flying by without regard to my pleas.

If ever I have "lived like I was dying," it is now.
Every homemade meal.
Every hug.
Every long talk.
Every crazy moment.....
Every smile Emily gives.

We went on a walk the other day... my heart still hasn't stopped fluttering! 

Every "little sibling time."
Every Java Bear coffee.
They all mean more than ever when you know your leaving them....

I'm also looking forward to many adventures in Indiana.

Toodles.... :)

Post Script: Were you offended because I did two fours?
I apologize.
I didn't think anyone would notice.... but then I had a guilt trip.
It was only because I am too lazy to switch all the numbers..... :(

Post Post Script: Are you super impressed with my use of "Post Script" rather than P.S?!?


  1. LOL, Helen! road trips with just girls are just pretty much the best! I do so love road trips with the whole family but...there's something a bit different about just girls and Mom doing whatever they want!! :)
    Surrender ? Yep, that's a big one! Wish i could tell you that by the time you are my age you'll have it down pat, first time every time but....:/
    but.......I can tell you that as the years go by and you see and know and live in His faithfulness it DOES get waaay easier! :)

  2. Thank you, Mrs. Glenn! That is a huge encouragement!

  3. Hey Helen. It's awesome to hear about total surrender from other Christians. Not too many people want to give up control of their lives! What I was told by two other men who are much wiser and older than me is what ya have to remember is one it's not all about me (or you) and two you never had control in the first place! It is when I am in this place of powerlessness (if that's a word?) that I can say, "God, I am completely yours." Believe me Helen, I feel so helpless right now in this world that it is easier to drop before Him with open hands than when I lived in my happy little bubble. Trials truly are blessings in disguise. If you want to be closer to the Creator of the universe, don't be afraid to ask Him to open up your heart and tear your world apart. It's when we wake up every day and honestly say "Not my will but your's be done." I am living and learning this truth harder than ever right now, and it is awesome to COMPLETELY depend on someone that you KNOW will never let you down. I'm impressed with you stepping out in His faith and going to Indiana. You are a courageous young woman.

    ~Alex Shaw