Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A "Vunderful" Time Was Had by All!

Whew! That was a fun weekend!

Have I ever mentioned that I love Christmas?

It was a great Christmas....
Click here for pictures.
I was completely spoiled!
One of my favorite gifts..

Peter made it for  me.
It is a flamingo.
He had asked me what my favorite animal was... I said flamingos.
It's true.
I'm not an animal person (Besides my dog...).
Flamingos are so cool.

They  are pink.
They are super unique.
They're pretty!!!!
They are not everyone's favorite animal.
They are flat out cool.
It is a special gift because it was special (Make sense?).... I love it!

We got a new game called "Settlers of Catan."
Don't ever play a game with Jeffrey!
He is SO competitive!
I mean... winning is not everything.
OK... it is the point of playing, but...

The truth be told.
Jeffrey makes my competitive side come out.
I usually try to hide it.... but with him, I just can't!

My Oma and Grandpa John came....
Oma is the Dutch name for Grandma.... my Oma is very dutch!
When I was a kid, I wanted SO badly to just be able to say "grandma," like all the other cool kids!
Now, I think I am the cool one... I have an awesome "Oma." Not all kids can say that!

If you don't know what a Dutch person acts or looks like... come see my Oma.
She even has an accent!
I love accents!
When a customer has an accent, I ask them lots of questions just so I can hear it!

Oma eats a TON!
When I say that... I'm not kidding!
Everyone in our family has a huge appetite.

If you come to our house and say you aren't hungry... my mom might start crying.
She can't stand it.
If you don't take seconds... you obviously don't like the food.

We went to an Awana event and they announced that there was a limit on how many hot dogs you could eat.
It was made because the year prior my brothers had eaten too many!

So believe me... we eat a lot!
When Oma comes to visit... she out-eats all of us.

We went to an all you can eat buffet.
We all ate until food was coming out of our ears.
When we were all done.... Oma ate for another twenty minutes.
When she finally finished her plate... she said, "I could still eat another plate!"
We all stared in disbelief.
The crazy thing is, she is extremely skinny!

Oma thinks we are all the greatest....
When we are cooking, she looks over our shoulder in amazment that we are such culinary geniuses!

She makes us laugh!
Dutch people have a strange sense of humor.
They enjoy laughing at each other... they also enjoy laughing at themselves.

My mom has this trait.
It is rather great.
When they make a mistake or do something crazy... they find it just as funny as the onlookers.

I have a story about Oma.
We were little.
Mom was in the store.
We were in the car with Oma.
We didn't know if Oma was saved... this really concerned me.
I had a sudden stroke of genius ... "Johnny... flow with me." (I don't think I actually used those words... but, I'm sure it was something similar.)
Then I started singing at the top of my lungs...
I sang about how Jesus died for us and we all needed to accept him into our hearts. Johnny joined me and together we sang and sang....
I laugh and blush at the memory.
Poor Oma.
At least we had good intentions.

We went shopping yesterday (Tradition!), it was fun.
I didn't buy much... BUT, I convinced mom and Jo to buy lots!
This was a HUGE accomplishment! 
I employed myself as their "Personal Fashion Consultant."
"Jo... think, exotic!" Hehe... that didn't go over well.

I love clothes... hate spending money, therefore buy thing on extreme clearance or at "pre-washed stores." (Aka. Thrift stores)
Mom and Jo don't care all that much about clothing, hate to spend money on themselves, therefore don't get clothes.
I forced them to try thing on and they both found stuff they really like!
I'm so proud of them.

So now that you read all of my random ramblings... Have a "vunderful"  night!


  1. Your post made me chuckle. Your shopping trip sounds like Vonda with me. :)
    Our boys LOVE Catan! Vonda has played with them before but i've never attempted it!:)
    your Oma sounds like a lovely fun lady!
    Sounds like a delightful Christmas!

  2. It was!!!!! It was a new (and fun) aspect with the baby there!!!!