Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Life... it matters!

I almost died last week.
I'm absolutely serious!

You know how in the movies, the person driving down the road looks out the window and see's a huge truck coming straight at them. Everything freezes, then you just see a huge explosion.
Well, that is exactly what happened to me.
Besides the huge explosion.

Everything froze. I just waited for the explosion.
Thankfully, it didn't come.
BUT.. I seriously sat there thinking, "Wow, I'm gonna die!"

Then, somehow I was safe. I think God had a bit to do with that!

It scared me to death (Which completely defeats the fact that I lived...)!
The whole way home I was shaking.
Shaking, crying... and thinking.

What if I had died?

What would I be remembered as?

Would there be people I wished I would have impacted more?

Would I be remembered as a woman was concerned about the hearts of others?

Would my siblings remember me as a sister who showed them God's love?

Have I made a difference in the lives of the people I  love?

Had I used my precious time to the fullest.
Had I used it to glorify the Lord?

Would they cremate me or have me embalmed?

So many questions ran through my brain...

Death doesn't scare me.
How can eternity with the Savior scare you?
It was humbling to think that God gave me more time.... to do the work that He has for me.
It is pretty exciting to know that God has a plan for me!
"He's not finished with me yet!"

You know how George in "It's a Wonderful Life," had a huge reality check....
God gave me a reality check and a wake up call all at the same time!
I wasn't sleeping... but it was needed.

I realized that life right now... in the moment, matters.

The smiles we give to strangers... they matter.
The times we put aside time for younger siblings... they matters.
The laugh we give to humor someone's ridiculous joke... it matters.
The time spent with my Savior... it matters.

Life is precious.

Take my life and let it be
Consecrated, Lord to Thee.
Take my moments and my days,
Let them flow in ceaseless praise!

And just because I love this song...

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