Monday, December 19, 2011

Music to My Ears!

The "Christmas spirit" has been seriously lacking  in our house this year.
This morning we figured out why.

Jo and I were discussing how weird this Christmas has been when suddenly we both had a light bulb thought... We realized that we hadn't had music on!

In the Soderberg house... we listen to music, ALL the time!!
ESPECIALLY during the holiday season.

Well, our computer broke,  depriving us of Pandora and the only CD player we have.
Thus, we have been without music for almost this whole season!
Tragic! I know!

No wonder we have been such duds!
No wonder Christmas has rushed by without us!

We felt pretty brilliant!

We had one of the boys connect my laptop to the sound system.
Music was heard!!!!
Christmas has arrived!

I know Christmas is about WAY more than the music... but in our house, it makes a big difference.

A few minutes after the music was playing, Jimmy was belting out a song when he suddenly shouted, "Christmas is here!!!!"

It truly is!

Just a few minutes ago, we were all enjoying Josh Groban's singing...when it suddenly stopped and Peter said, "Well, that's enough of that!"

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