Monday, December 5, 2011

Snips, Nails and Puppy Dog Tails...

You know how little girls are made out of "sugar and spice."
Well, little boys are made of "snips and snails, and puppy do tails."

Little girls are cute. No doubt.
But there is something great about little boys.
Something wonderful and sweet about the way little boys are.

When little girls fight, they use words and all end up in tears.

The boys get in a tiff, take it outside, "deal" with it, come in with a few bruises, but all made up!

Boys are so straight forward and honest.
"Peter, did you hit your brother?"

Little boys are just... sweet, in a rambunctious sort of way. :)

My brothers aren't little anymore... so they lost that sweet aspect.

BUT.... they do still have some good qualities.

My brothers have a great sense of humor...

They can be super sweet when they try to be.

They sing great!
If you are riding with the boys and "happen" to play the song, "Smile,"  the car will erupt with singing... they can't help it.
I will never be able to get them to sing "nice" together.
When I say, "Give me a little base?" Johnny stops singing.
"Tenor anyone?" There goes Jimmy.
Ya... I quit trying.

Once upon a time, the boys, Marian, and I made a music video... I would post it on here, but somebody (Ahem... Johnny.) accidentally deleted it.
We were the "Banana Singers!"
Our name came from the fact that we used bananas for microphones.
Good times!

Monday nights were always "craft night."
This meant girls downstairs doing crafts, boys upstairs watching football.

I would put on Johnny's clothes and be "Mathew Henry" (My name if I would have been a boy...) for the night.
The boys would crowd around me so dad wouldn't notice... as if it would be totally normal that a spare boy would join them.
It sounds desperate but who wants to do a bunch of gluing and sewing when there are all of those great commercials (Ya... I didn't really care for football.) going on upstairs.

There is that saying about "eating to live or living to eat..." my brothers most definitely live to eat.
My brothers love food and eat tons of it.
When we are making a recipe and it says, "serves six," we plan for it to feed three.

The boys have learned well from my dad, they are SUPER complimentary!

Our boys really prove the quote, "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach."

My brothers are not perfect... actually, they aren't even close!

Here are a few examples to prove this fact.

Just this morning, I was telling Jimmy one of the boys, "You know, with so many ugly kids in the world... it is pretty amazing that we happen to have three 'drop dead handsome' boys!"
He didn't miss a beat and answered, "Well, we made up for it with the girls."
Such a sweetie!
* Just in case you didn't get what he meant, he was saying the girls "bad looks" made up for the boys "good looks." Stinker.

The boys are obsessed with tormenting me with snakes.

I am afraid terrified PETRIFIED of snakes. I start crying and screaming at the sight of one.
If people love me... they never show me a snake.

Well, my darling brothers have made it their goal in life to scare me with those grotesque creatures.

One day this adorable three year old boy came up to me at church and asked me SO sweetly to come outside with him.
Ya... not so sweet.
Someone had found a snake... Errrrr.

They get this look in their eye, and I know that I might as well start crying.
Someone gave them snake rattlers.
I have had them thrown at me, hidden in my bed, or just shook right beside me.
I finally got dad to forbid them from tormenting me.

I've tried convincing them that I grew out of it... but then they want me to prove it.
I have even tried getting over my phobia ... it is no use.

By the way, my fear is Biblical, "there shall be enmity between the snake and the woman."
There is some serious enmity going on!

One last story, a few minutes ago, I realized (After my computer died.) that I had plugged in the wrong cord.
I looked at Peter and said, "Wow, sometimes I'm brilliant, but other times...."
Peter looked confused, "Really? Sometimes you're brilliant?"

Anyhow, on a nicer note.
I LOVE my brothers.

They are crazy, fun, sweet, loving, crazy, hilarious, and they are kinda cool too!

Johnny, Jimmy, Pete.... You are awesome!

Do you think he knows how cool he is?

This is Jimmy's, "You're eating my candy!" look!

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