Friday, December 23, 2011

Wonderful Life, Wonderful Savior!

Maybe it's because it isn't even six in the morning yet.
Maybe it's because I have a really good cup of coffee.
Maybe it's because a really good song just came on the radio ("I Will Rise" by Chris Tomlin).
Maybe it's because I love this little shop and making coffee.
Maybe because it is freezing outside but super warm in here.
Maybe it's because I was just talking to my Beloved (Jesus!)....

I feel overwhelmed right now.

Overwhelmed by God.
By His love.
By the fact that He cares about me!
By all of the blessings He has given.
Because I am precious in His sight!
Because He made me the for His purpose.
Because He is in control... of everything and everyone!
Because it really is, "A Wonderful Life!"

Because He is flat out amazing... and He is mine!

"A wonderful Savior is Jesus my Lord...."

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