Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Seven on Friday!

Ahhh.... Life is pretty good!
I love this time of year!!!!
It is wonderful!

I saw a post called  "Ten on Tuesday" on someone's blog.
They wrote ten random things on Tuesday.
It was cool....
But, it's Friday... and I can't think of ten...
So lets just call this "Seven on Friday!"

1. Something has been on my mind lately.
When I wake, it's there.
When I try to sleep, it's there.
While I'm making coffee, it's there.
You get the idea.

You may wonder, what could be SO special... that I absolutely cannot stop thinking about?

Well... here you go.

Your Life will never be the same!

"I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas. Only a hippopotamus will do!"
This song plays on the radio around five times an hour.
By the time I get of work... I am truly convinced that a hippo is what I truly want for Christmas!
It's a great song... but once you hear it... you will not get it out of your head. Ever!

Dad heard me singing it the other day and started singing it... just because he loves me.
Slowly  everyone in our family is beginning to sing it....
As I wrote this... three different family members came in singing it.

So... Just in case you hadn't heard it...
I have now made your life that much better!

2. I spent 18 years of my life convinced that I hated egg-nog. This year, I tried it... it is wonderful!

3. I have an embarrassing laugh.
It is... well, kinda, crazy sounding.
I have tried changing it... you know, so it's soft and musical...
It didn't work!

My laugh, when I really laugh, is weird.
I absolutely cannot think of words to describe it... just believe me, it's ridiculous!

The other day Beth came over and I was attempting to do her hair.
I don't remember what happened... but we were laughing. Hard!
Suddenly I stopped and listened to her laughter.
It was ridiculous!
I started laughing at her...
My laugh was ridiculous!
They were the same!
I pointed it out.... we laughed harder!
It was a ridiculous chorus of "weird" laughter!
We are both convinced that the other's laugh is worse... but in truth, they are the same.
This made me very happy... my laugh is not mine.
It's Beth's (She's older!), somehow I caught it!
Ha. Ha. Haaaa.

4.  Jesus is SO much smarter than me!!!!
I don't know why I worry and fear.... God is bigger!
There's a Veggie Tales song, "God is Bigger than the Boogie Man."
I don't believe in the Boogie Man, but I have the things in my life that I have to remember to give to the Lord.
I have to remember that God is bigger.
He is bigger than my plans.
Bigger than my dreams.
Bigger than my fears.
Bigger than the future... that seems to loom so uncertainly before me.
God is biggest!

5. Marian and I have our future husbands named (Dad came up with the names...)... Mine is Francisco, her's is Henry.
Jo can't remember what her guy was named .
When other girls say,  "future husband" or "prince charming," I say, "Francisco."

No, this does not mean I will marry a guy just because his name happens to be Francisco, and no, that doesn't mean I have to marry a Mexican....

6.  One of my best friends  growing up had a baby last night.
This is crazy!!!
We were just kids!
What is happening!!!!!
I am super happy for her!!

7.  Tonight is our church's "Adult Christmas Party."
Year after year I have stayed home babysitting... while the girls, mom, and dad went to the party.

This year I am FINALLY an adult!
It took me long enough!

I am SO excited to go!!!!!
If it is dull and boring I will be very disappointed!

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