Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

I love new beginnings and fresh starts!
They are my favorite!

As a kid, I survived by fresh starts. I was one of those kids who caused a lot of trouble. 
If it hadn't been for forgiveness, grace, and Mondays, I may not have lived to be as old as I am.

I loved Mondays when I was little.
Week after week I would make make goals for coming week.
Goals like going through the week without a spanking.
Or not making anyone mad.
Or just plain, staying out of trouble.
I never made any of my goals.
I just couldn't stand being good for that long!
At least I tried.

2011 has been a year full of change, growth, laughs and a lot of other stuff. 
Growing up hasn't been as easy as I imagined it. 
The last year has been full to the brim with blessings. 
Sprinkled with struggles.
Overwhelmed with God!
He has been so good!

As I look back, there is not one regret.
Not one hard time that the Lord was not able to use to grow or strengthen me. 

Now, a new year is about to begin.
What are we going to do with it?

More than ever before, the coming year seems unknown. 
Every other year, I at least have a pretty good idea of what the New Year will bring.

This year, it feels a bit like taking a leap into a the great unknown. 
Except.... it's not. 
Because God is in control.
Because I don't hold the future, He does
The future may be unknown, but it in the hands of the Creator. 
The Savior. 
The hands of God.

No matter where the Lord has me in 2012, I want to learn to know Him more.
I want to take this year and set it aside. Give it to the Lord, for His purpose and glory.
I want God to take my life and use it as a vessel, for Him! 

Happy New Year, everyone!
May this coming year be full and overflowing!

Have Thine own way, Lord!

"Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God."
Corrie ten Boom

"God has wisely kept us in the dark concerning future events and reserved for Himself the knowledge of them, that He may train us up in a dependence upon Himself and a continued readiness for every event."
Mathew Henry.

Another year is dawning
With the chance to start anew.
May I be kinder, wiser, Lord,
In all I say and do. 

Not so caught up in selfish gain
That I would fail to see
The things in life that mean the most
Cost not a fancy fee.

The warm, kind word that I can give,
The outstretched hand to help, 
The prayers I pray for those in need--
More precious these than wealth. 

I know not what may lie ahead
Of laughter or of tears;
I only need to know each day
That You are walking near.

I'm thankful for this brand new year
As now I humbly pray, 
My hand secure in Yours, dear Lord,
Each step along the way.

Kay Hoffman


  1. It is greatly encouraging to see such a beautiful young lady with a heart after the Lord. best wishes for this year.