Saturday, May 19, 2012


Two crazy things are happening today.

1. Jo and I are going to write this post together.
2. Our childhood friend is getting married.


Austin is a pretty one of a kind guy...
From the day he said, "So what do you want to do, play dolls?"

Oh wait, it was before that....

It was the burping occasion.
That "first Pastor's visit" where Ryan and Austin left an unique impression with their own rendition of "Ol Dan Tucker" complete with belches and all.

Anyhow, he has continued to.... well,... life with Austin as your friend is an adventure, to say the least.

We've known Austin for a while now....
Almost eleven years.
It's probably a good thing we don't know his fiance that well, or we may have felt it our duty to warn her.

Not really.
Austin is a great guy.

He is someone who puts 100 percent into everything he does.
That being the Lord, sports, studies, Amanda.... or just being taller than Beth/Lizzy. (It took him a while on that one.... but He succeeded eventually.)

We know that Lizzy would agree in saying that over the years, Austin has become a brother to us.

As twelve year olds, we would sometimes see him everyday of the week, between writing and science classes, music lessons, singing at the nursing home, church, sports, and then there was even Jewish dancing.... now that was an experience to remember!

As teens, we went on mission tips, had deep conversations about the Lord, and challenged each other in many areas of life.
We had "good peer pressure," in that we would discuss what you read in your Bible today.... so you better have read it!
There was also lots of healthy (????) competition about.... everything. Height, grades, weight (Yes, we all knew how much everyone weighed during those teen years. "I'm heavier!" "No, I am!!!!"), and anything else that could possibly be debated.
We were nice to each other... and would have stood up for one another in a heart beat.
We just enjoyed having something to "do" (talk/argue...) about all the time.

Austin has been away at college for the last three years.
In that time, he met, wooed, and as we speak (or type) is marrying a wonderful girl named Amanda.

He came for a visit a couple of months ago.
He was still our brother....

After all these years.... you can understand our dismay over the fact that he is having his wedding in FLORIDA!!!!

We wish so very much we could be there....
But.... even so, we are so excited and happy for Austin and Amanda!

We love you, Austin....

Your Sisters, Jo and Helen


  1. It was enjoyable to read this post!!! Man, we have all really grown up. seeing those pictures from the mission trip made me really see that. Miss you dear!

  2. Miss you, too!!!
    And yes, we are practically ancient!