Sunday, June 3, 2012

What Up?

- Nobody panic..... but on Friday, there were a bunch of guys in camo, with guns, running around shooting each other. 

It was scary. 

Marian and I hid in our bedroom. 
With dried mango(Jimmy spoiled me with a HUGE bag!!!)... watching movies.
By the way.... We never, EVER watch movies in the middle of the day.
Except for back in high-school when a volleyball tournament took every ounce of energy I had.
Or the time I was sick.
But other than that....
We NEVER watch movies in the middle of the day.
It was fun....
A ton of fun....
A memory.
I felt like a bum.
But it was fun!

The boys had a bunch of guys over for air soft.
I have concluded that between 5-13 is an adorable age for boys.
They try to act macho. 
They try to act old.
They are still babies.
I love them.

- Beth an I have been working on our tan....

Oh ya!

- I had an AMAZING birthday!
There were SO many sweet things that people did!!!!

Like this.

Beyond amazing. 
I seriously almost passed out from over-exposure to awesome! 
Thank you, Mrs Glenn!

And this.

Peter had words put on fabric and had Jo help him sew it onto the softest, most amazing blanket ever!!!!
I love it!
It makes me SO happy!
No Pete.... YOU da BOMB!!!!!!
I love you!

And a bunch of other things like the girls taking me to town for lunch, shopping, etc, Em time, Marian making me a headband, Jimmy's mango's, mom's sweet gifts, a customer who made me clip-on earrings, pizza, etc.... I got severely spoiled by everyone!

- I have worked at Java Bear for four years now....
I am still not tired of it.
Still have yet to have a truly "rude" customer!
Still lovin coffee!

- I taught Em how to do sit-ups.... you're never too young or too old for fitness, folks!

-I'm leaving in 26 days.

- One of my dearest friends graduated.
Nikki seriously rocks my socks!
We played volleyball together....
We won first in our tournament together.

She is an AMAZING athlete.
End of story.
Except there's more.
Nikki gives all glory to God for her mad athletic skills.
And there is still more.

Nikki did something bad to her knee. 
So bad that I can't remember what it's called.
She had to have a surgery. 
She had to miss out on her last year of volleyball.

Through more pain and trials than I can even imagine, Nikki has shined for the Lord.
She has inspired myself and so many others.
I am so blessed to be her friend.

I love her and  am SO excited to see what God will do with her life!!!!

I saved it for last.... cause it's the greatest thing ever!!!!

One of my best friends in the world....
(*Insert tears and screaming*)

Wasn't it just yesterday we were running around playing hot lava?
It couldn't have been that long ago when we had that ridiculous "match making" list.

We grew up together....
We did EVERYTHING  together.
We had a ton of "first time" experiences together.
I love her SO much!
I thought I had made it clear that I'm leaving for a year, therefore they could just simmer down and wait till I get back... but, we all know how that goes.

Their love story is so perfect for them and seeing them together makes me happier than any blog could tell!

I am SO excited for them both!

- People. 
I love weddings. 
Love marriage.
It is such a beautiful thing....

But please, PLEASE stop planning your weddings for when I'm gone.
Seriously, another year isn't going to hurt any one!
 Or is it???


  1. Love the post . Glad you liked the cupcake! :) that blanket is so cute! Ummmm, ya know ,somehow, I think your friends really would think a year would hurt! :0 Lol :)