Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wait, Who's Leaving?!?!?!?!


Someone is seriously slacking in the blogging department!!!!!!


Oh, wait! That's my fault?!?!?!

I am so sorry....

Truth is....
I have been a wee bit too busy to sit on the computer and write a blog.

Tomorrow.... it will be one week till I leave.
In case you aren't a pro at math... that means I leave in EIGHT days!!!!!!!
(If you don't know where I'm going, you should click this.... )

THANK You LORD!!!!!!!!

Ya..... talk about mixed emotions!

I kinda feel like a roller-coaster.....
YAY, sniff, YAY, sniff......

It gets a bit ridiculous!

I am SO excited.
I am SO anxious to leave and begin this awesome adventure!
I have seen God confirm this SO many times and know that this is of Him!


When I hug my little siblings goodnight.... it gets a bit harder.
When I sit back and listen to my family's crazy antics.... I start missing home.
When I start or get involved in my fam's craziness.... I get an ache in my stomach.
When I get a coffee at Java Bear.... I have to remind myself why I am going.
When my niece gives me kisses and says, "Peeez...." I melt... into a glob of glue that can never be moved.
When I eat one of my mom's amazing "health-nutish concoctions," I grab the  banister, never to let go.

A week is not a lot of time....

I started packing.
Packing for a year is no easy task.

I put pretty much all of my clothes into two suitcases.....
I didn't really think through what I would wear for the next week.
Hmm, PJ's are in style now, right?!?!

I think the fact that I am leaving is "trying" to hit me.
It is SO not real yet.
I know I'm going.... but I don't know!
Do you understand?
I'm packing, preparing, praying.... but wow, I'm going to actually GO!

I had to say goodbye to a dear friend on Tuesday.
She left for a Mission Trip and I will leave while she's gone.
It was sad.
But, it isn't real that I won''t see her for quite a while.

I went on a date with my little bro, Pete.... it was pretty awesome!
We went to coffee.... talked about our greatest secrets.
Talked about how much I will miss him, and vice versa.
I really will miss that little guy.
He isn't going to be little when I get home.
But that still isn't a reality.

I worked my last afternoon shift at Java Bear.
It was so sad to say goodbye to my customers.
I am pretty attached to that little place!
As I told my favorites that I wouldn't be back.... I realized how un-real that was to me.

Time is truly flying by..... I keep getting surprised with how few days I have left.

I am excited!
SO excited!

But.... it's not really real.

Toodles for now!

"Trust in the Lord with ALL thine heart...."

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