Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Morning Musings.....

It's 6:30am.
I've been up for two and a half hours.

4am is not a healthy time to wake up.

I really love mornings.
It's so beautiful and peaceful.

When you wake up early you get so much more out of your day.... etc.

I've been waking up at 5am pretty regularly because of work and have loved it!

BUT.  4am is too early.


I was thinking through my day....
I'm slightly (Is that possible?) stoked!
.... I'm SUPER stoked!

- I am working the morning shift..... attempting to brighten the sluggish/sleepy/grumpy customers.
Believe me, it takes a lot of energy!

- Maybe I'll try a shot of espresso.... hmmm.

- I have a walking/talking date with Marian when I get home.

- I'm going to sit in the sunshine with Beth and EM.

 - I get to be with my cousin!

- I will see some awesome girlfriends!!!!!!!!!
*That I miss SO much... this is sad since I haven't even left yet!

- I feel like cooking something....

- I shall drink an enormous cup of tea!

- I will eat.

- I think I will pour some water down my brother's shirt....

- AND we are going to play volleyball at open gym!!!

Are you jealous?

Plan a year long trip.... it makes you take time to enjoy the little things!

Happy Tuesday, people!

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  1. Awww... Helen. I LOVE YOU!! What else can I say? It was awesome seeing you today. :) Your blog is so fun. I really enjoy reading it. You're amazing. I love spending time with you. I'm going to miss you like crazy! I can't live without you...I don't want to try. I'm so thankful for your friendship and I'm super excited to see what the Lord is going to do in the years to come. Love you Smoo. :)