Friday, June 29, 2012

On My Way....

I'm sitting in the Denver Airport.... listening to children argue.
Holding back tears.

I really thought I was prepared for this....
After months of getting ready, weeks of feeling pensive, nervous, and emotional.... I thought I was ready.

But I'm not.
am feeling overwhelmed with how huge and scary this all is.
I am trying to imagine life without my precious family. 
I am suddenly aware that I won't be flying back next week.
I am realizing how very long a year is.
I am scared.

I can't do this.

But I don't have to. 

God didn't take me this far to have me have a melt-down in the airport. 
HE has a plan.
HE has a purpose. 
HE is holding me.

I am just His vessel. 

I am super weak.
Weaker than I ever though possible.... but He is strong.

I have been so blessed.
My life has been so wonderful.

I had a comfort zone.... it was perfect.
God's pushing me out of it.
It hurts.
But a good, necessary pain.

A pain that brings me to the foot of the cross.

I know God has great plans for this year....
I know that there will be hard times, but I know that He will carry me.

My plane is starting to load.... Next up, Indiana.

Please pray for me!

And... could you pray I stop crying?
It's getting awkward.