Thursday, June 28, 2012

Friendship = Da Bomb

I had an AWESOME time with some girls  yesterday!

I am going to miss them a ton!!!!

It seems like just yesterday we were little girls... 

I have SO many wonderful memories with them!

What's with all this "growing up" stuff?!?!?!?
I think I've had enough!

Now, Beth and Tiff both have babies... and husbands. 

We are old.
We are busy.
Clare is getting married and moving.
I am moving.
Certain individuals are graying.
I lied on that last part. 

We've been through a lot together. 
They have been there for me SO many times.
We have done SO many crazy/stupid/awesome thing together.

Yesterday, we got to have the whole clan (+Babies.) together for a picnic.

I love these girls so much! 
They are treasures!!!!!!!

Saying good-bye to them hurt. 

I love them.
I will miss them!!!!


  1. Looks like a ton of fun!!! Well, except the goodbye part!:(

  2. Awww... Helen. You about said it all. :) Wow! We have changed SO much it's crazy. I love you and will miss you more than you'll EVER KNOW!! Seriously... I'm going to die! Love you smoo. :)

  3. Well if this isn't the "chickest" chick thing I have seen in a long time. All us roosters don't have much to crow about in comparison. Clearly you and the flock are blessed.