Monday, March 5, 2012

The Scoop

I thought I would give you the scoop of whats been going on in my life.... or, what is going to be going on.

Last summer, I graduated.
I had absolutely NO idea what God was going to do with my life.
All I knew was that I wanted to take this time while I am single to "serve God without distractions."
FYI...This sounds a lot easier than it really is.
I started praying.

I forget when... I was praying about what God wanted for me, when I randomly remembered a talk I had with a really neat girl after a volleyball game.

She had just come home from interning at a home for troubled women.
She told us about the home and the wonderful experience it had been for her....
Wow.... that's awesome.
And then... I didn't think about it for another two years.

Anyhow... I couldn't get the thought out.
The next day I found it online.
Vision of Hope (Click on it to see the site....)
It is a REALLY amazing place.
They have an internship program that I started looking into.

 *Insert a ton of details about God guiding that I don't feel like typing out because it would be long, just like this sentence, which I already know is a run-on, but you can't expect me to always keep the rules! *

Eventually, I started the interview process.

Two interviews later, God used the wisdom of the Intern Coordinator to really impact my life.

I spent the next few months reading amazing books (Aka.... life altering books!), and went for a ten day visit and conference.

During those ten days, God dealt with my heart on a lot of things, to an overwhelming extent.
When I thought God had showed me all that He possibly could.... He showed me another aspect of my life that I had to surrender.
It was life changing.

Oh, and Vision of Hope was incredible.
Flat out.

I came home and had absolutely NO idea what God was going to do.

Did GOD want me to go....
To Indiana?
For a year?

The fact that Indiana is 2,000 miles away and the commitment is a year long, definitely made the decision a bit harder.

Maybe a great family isn't so great after all....
People leave for longer than a year all the time...  but this is all new to me!

I waited.

God overwhelmed me with HIS peace.
I wasn't worried or scared....
But I was curious.

On Wednesday the Intern Coordinator called and officially invited me to be an intern at Vision of Hope.
I had the final decision to make.

OK, God!
Now can you shout it out....
(Slow learner right here....)

I spent the next couple of days praying. A lot!

By day two... It wasn't a question.
I knew.
God didn't have to shout it out....

He made it clear.

Long story short.... or at least less long, I know that this is what God has for me.

I know that I will be all emotional for the first week.... and probably a bit longer.
I know that I will get homesick.
I know that it won't always be easy.
I know I will miss people.
I know the devil will try to discourage me.
I know I won't be able to make coffees for my customers.
I know it will be different.
I know it is way out of my comfort zone.


I know that God will be with me.
I know that I will have to depend on Him.
I know that I have a blog, a phone, mail, email, texting, and I'll get skype.
I know that I will be a part of a wonderful team down there.
I know that I can visit home.
I know that distance makes the heart grow fonder... so I will still love my family and friends when I get back.
know that doing God's will isn't always comfortable.... that's not what Christianity is about; it is about becoming more like Christ.
know that the Lord has burdened my heart with hurting woman and He can use me with these women.
know that the experience will be life changing.
I know that being in the will of God is the most wonderful place to be.
know that GOD is more than enough.

Above all, I know that God is great.
I know that doesn't necessarily have to do with leaving.... but it is everything to me.
I serve an awesome God.
I sure wouldn't go 2,000 miles away if I didn't believe that!

Because of all that....
I am SO excited!
Excited to see all that God has planned for this year!
Excited to start a new adventure.
Excited to be a part of Vision of Hope.
Excited that I am God's.
Excited to pack a years worth of clothes in a couple suitcases.... oh, maybe not about that.
But, I am super excited!

He is in control.
He is leading.
He makes no mistakes.
He is faithful.

I trust Him.

Post summary: I'm going to Indiana for a year!


  1. Wow, Helen....I'm having a little bit of a hard time putting all my thoughts into words I can put down here....
    But this I know, YES, God will be with you! God will bless you for this year of service to Him and others. There are soooo many needs and so few who will go. Bless you for going!
    And, yes, it will be all of those hard things you mentioned but it will be ever so many more good things!
    The rest of your life will not be "put on hold" by taking this year for God. Instead this year will prepare for you for the rest of your life!
    I am praying for this time before you leave. And, yes, I think already that I will miss you!;)But I'm happy that you know that God wants you to do this!

  2. Helen,

    What a wonderful opportunity! You are going to do wonderful things, learn so many things that your head will be crammed full, and the women that you are going to be helping are going to love you!!

    I am going to miss you, but all will be well because there are ways to keep in touch .... and you better!! :)

    God is going to work wonders through you and with you (I think that statement made sense)

    Have I mentioned that I am totally excited for you?!?!

  3. Thank you so much, Mrs. Glenn! That is such an encouragement! I know I will miss you! Thank you for your prayers!

    Thank you, Kris!!! You are SO sweet!

  4. I am sooo excited for you! Right in the center of God's will is the sweetest place we can be. I'll be praying for you and the impact that God will allow you to have on the lives of these precious women. You go girl!!!

  5. How exciting to step out in faith and obedience! You will be blessed, and a blessing.

  6. You are inspiring Helen! May God continue to bless you and guide you on your journey. Thank you for sharing your struggle through obedience. This encourages me to pray more about my own decisions regarding the near future! <3 Bekah