Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Voters, Ahoy!

We get to vote tonight!!!!
I love voting!

The whole family is getting into the mood of elections this year.....

Marian and Pete have been running around with signs for the last week.

Marian is for Ron Paul, Peter for Mitt Romney (We can't figure out why....). 

During school this morning, Johanna was helping them draw a map and label the states with who was winning so far.

It brings back memories of way back when I was Marian's age.
Al Gore and George Bush were running for office. 
I wrote Al Gore a letter.
I told him about the Lord and about abortion being wrong.
I really believed it would make a difference. 
When others said anything bad about him... I stood up for the "poor guy!"
I still can't figure out why I liked him so much....
Thank goodness be didn't become president.

Anyways... I am SO excited to vote at this caucus.
I took a government class in school and am now a firm believer.
Voting gives "the people" a voice.
I love it when they say, "Helen Soderberg has voted!"

*Sorry about the blurry pictures... it was from my cellphone.


  1. I absolutely love this Helen! <3 I am super excited to see the results of Super Tuesday. My mom is tired of hearing about all the political events and who won what state, etc. and my dad, well he can't vote anyway and has no right to complain about the state in which our government is in (haha). The candidate which I hope will win is Rick Santorum because he actually cares about the people, not just the upper class, but he also cares about the grassroots. Like you said in the last paragraph, I also am a firm believer in political efficacy and I also had a political class (Civics) this year and with the class came an amazing teacher (Mr. O) and learned a bunch of stuff concerning politics and I now am in love with politics while my mom is tired of them already. Even though my favorite candidate is Santorum, if I would be able to vote, I would vote for Mitt Romney because, like Mr. O said, you shouldn't just go and vote for your favorite candidate, you should vote for the one that you believe will have the greatest chance of victory against Obama in the general election and he also believes that if you have political efficacy, you should vote that way because you already believe that your vote counts and like Mr. O, I believe that Romney would have a better chance beating Obama than Santorum.
    Well, I think that I'm done giving my big monologue... :)

  2. Emily! I took an online class and had a great teacher... it changed the way I look at politics/America.
    I love America.... :)