Sunday, March 11, 2012


I cut Marian's hair today.

I have always had this great desire to be able to cut peoples hair....

I ruined many a doll trying to "fulfill my calling!".

A few years back, Johnny needed a hair cut.
Mom was busy, and in sheer desperation, Johnny allowed me to take the knife scissors to his hair.

It was that same year.... Marian decided short hair would suit her.
I got mom's permission and chopped away.

Both episodes turned out similarities....

Mom did her best to salvage Johnny's head.
Marian wore her's  up until it grew out....

I gave up my dream.

Until today....
Today I decided I should have pursued being a hair dresser.

Marian wanted a haircut.
I asked if she would let me do it... she said I could.
Mom said I could.

I got the scissors.
Took some... before pictures...


"Frown, baby!"
All "before" pictures are horrible.... they have to be!

Started cutting....
And cutting...
And cutting....

Guess what?!?!?!?

It turned out!!!!!!!!!

She LOVES it!!!!!

But... it was way too stressful! 
So I think I will stick to coffee....

Enjoy the rain!

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  1. LOL, Vivian would be able to relate to this! She is constantly pestering us all to be able to be allowed to cut the boys' hair. No one has allowed her to touch them yet! :)
    I am enjoying the rain....from "in" side of the window that is!! :)