Sunday, March 25, 2012

Health > Sickness


That is an excellent word to describe the way I have been feeling.


I got sick this weekend.


After three years of health, I have been sick twice in the last three months.

Today I am WAY better!

Definitely on the mend!
Actually.... mended, just in need of energy and food.
I am weak....
Super weak.
Weaker than I have ever been in my life.

Maybe it has something to do with not being able to eat in almost three days.
Hm.... that might be it.

But.... now I can eat!

So....It's all good!

+'s to being sick:

- I've had to keep doing my house sitting job....
This is not a plus.
My view of "fresh air and exercise" doesn't work when I am sick.

It was miserable.

But I have amazing brothers...they went with me to do the "heavy work."

Jimmy.... who happens to dislike animals even more than myself, didn't make one complaint when asked to go.

He offered to do all of the jobs I knew he hated.

Jimmy also bought me ginger ale.
He also pampered me the whole day while everyone was at the basketball tournament.

What a sweetie.

- I have had some sweet time with the Lord.
Laying on the couch for hours on end isn't all bad.
"For my strength is made perfect in weakness."

-Beth gave me a pedicure!
It was lovely.

SO sweet.
SO "Beth-ish."
SO refreshing!

Johanna bought me an adorable shirt!
It's green.
It's cool.
I love it!!!!!!!
I  want to wear it!
It was such a sweet gift!

- I am craving chicken broth/soup.
I always thought that was just what you are supposed to want when you are sick.... but seriously, I want it!
Most other food still makes me gag.... but chicken soup, Mmmmm....

Why is that?

Even though I had to miss dad's preaching at church this morning.... I did get to listen to Nancy Leigh DeMoss and eat some chicken soup.

- My dog never left my side!

- My stomach muscles are super sore.
So, I guess I had a good workout.... :-/

- I have laid on the couch for three days and had everyone asking if there is any thing they can get/do for me.

- I have a super sweet and caring family!

I  still despise being sick.... but I might as well look at the good that can come from it.

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