Thursday, July 5, 2012


Wow. Day six in Indiana.

Seems like forever since I left.

We've had three days of training.... whew!
SO much info is packed in my already overwhelmed/overtired brain. 

God has been so faithful and good to me. 
My first two days here.... I almost died. 
Not literally... but it felt an awful lot like it. 
I have never felt so overwhelmed in my life. 
As I flew over, as I stayed my first night, as I realised I would be here for a year. 
Talk about freaking out!
Talk about needing to be dependent on Christ!
Talk about feeling sick. 

Did you know homesickness is an actual sickness?
Neither did I... but I am pretty sure it is.
I felt sick before I left, I felt sick when I got here, I still feel sick from time to time. 
Not like actual sick...  but my stomach was knotted up a million times and food seemed nauseating.

Did you know your heart can actually ache?
It can.
Mine did. 

Did you know God is awesome?!?
HE IS!!!!! 

God has been so so so so good. 
He has given me peace and excitement. 

He has held me in His arms and given me strength in my weakness. 

I am so excited about this upcoming year. 

I am excited to look to the Savior more than ever before.
We have been learning so much through training.... yet I am constantly realizing that ONLY through Christ can I possibly do this job. 
Throughout each moment I will need to be looking to Jesus for wisdom, grace, love, words. 

I am excited to be a part of the awesome team at Vision of Hope!

All of the "newbies!"
I know we will have so much fun together.... while growing together in the Lord.

I am SO excited to work with the women here.... women that are hurting and need Christ's love.
Women that already are showing me how much I have to learn. 

Thank you, Lord!!!

Now for a few pictures!!!!


Our "back-yard!"

We went slack-lining.... it was super fun and MUCH harder than it looks!

(Don't tell me you don't see it!)

"In Christ alone my HOPE is found...."


  1. Great pictures...I want to try the slack-lining! Glad things are improving...thank the Lord for answered prayers! Sure missed you on the 4th! :)

  2. Been thinking of you, Helen! My prayers are with you!