Sunday, July 29, 2012


"What if your blessings come through raindrops?"

Have you heard the song "Blessings?"

If not, here you go....

I've loved this song for a while now....
But now it has a totally new meaning. 

God's love is awesome. 

I am learning how distorted my view of His love has been. 

I want to think that love makes people happy... all the time. 

Working here gives you a firsthand view of a lot of hard things.

When I see women hurting... its hard. 
Really hard.
I want to take the pain away.... 
But I'm learning"Loving" people God's way doesn't always mean making them happy. 

Truth is, sometimes things stink. 
Sometimes life is tough. 
Sometimes "a thousand sleepless nights...." is what it takes! 

God's love is crazy.... 

He loves us enough to let us hurt....

Wow. Let that sink in. 

He has a plan bigger than this moment. 
During the weeks here there have been a lot of overwhelming/hard/emotional moments. 
Moments that I couldn't handle on my own.... 

I hated these moments. 

They hurt. 

Then I started taking them to the Lord. 

Giving them to Him. 
Thanking Him for them. 

He did something awesome.... 

He took them. 
He made them into something beautiful!

When I cry, He comforts me as only He can. 
When I want a hug, He holds me. 
When I am lonely, He becomes everything. 

The moments are still hard... but they have taken me to my Savior. 
Brought me to His feet. 

They have become precious to me. 

Sometimes, God takes us through pain and hardship to bring us close to Himself. 

The blessing of knowing Christ has taken tears... I know there will be many tears to come, but I also know that this is a part of the awesome plan God has for my life. 

I know that He loves me enough to want this intimacy with Him!
Thank you, Jesus!

Side note:
I have been here a month!!

I got to see my SISTER and the BUDIAS today!!!!!!

It was so wonderful....



  1. Love this! If you can learn this at your age you will reap many blessings in life!God bless you, Helen.

  2. Helen, reading this post was a huge encouragement. I'll be praying for you over there. Thanks

  3. I love this song too!! Thank you for your posts, really inspire!!

  4. What a beautiful post...So deep, so true, so Christ. Thank you babe!!I love you!!