Saturday, July 14, 2012

Settling In

I'm moved in.
I'm settled.
I'm watching a movie with my roomies.
I drank a cup of tea.
I Skyped with my fam.

I'm good.
Really good!!!!

God is great.
REALLY great!

I am so blessed with a wonderful place to stay... wonderful "other newbies" to be with (Yes, we did just go stealth mode to find ice-cream)... and an awesome God who has been holding me through everything!

It's been a crazy two weeks.

Lots of adjusting.
Lots of tears.
Lots of learning.

There have been many hard times.
Times that have made my heart break into a thousand pieces and made me fall on my face before my Savior.
These times are precious.

Vision of Hope is an amazing place.

God is working SO hugely here!

I am so blessed....
It is such an honor to have a front row seat of what God is doing!

I start "work" on Monday.
Please be praying!

I have never felt more inadequate. 
I cannot do this.... any of it. 

I have nothing.... but Christ is everything.

I need Him.... so bad!

Please keep praying?
It means the world to me....

"I can do ALL things through HIM who strengthens me..."


  1. I loved the part about stealth mode to find ice cream!! I am so proud of you. Every time I talk to you or read what you have written I am encouraged to seek the Lord and have that sweet fellowship with Him. Helen, you are a testimony to us at home and we are so excited to see the Lord work in your life this year. I love you so much!! Beth