Thursday, November 22, 2012


Wow... lots has happened since last Thanksgiving.

My life is very different.

God has blessed me.

I still have a lot to be thankful.
A lot.
More than ever before...

Being 2,000 miles away from home has a way of showing you what you have been blessed with.

This year's list is a bit different... but better.

I am thankful for this internship.
What a blessing to have the opportunity to be in a home like this. To be under the teaching of very wise and godly women.

I am thankful for God's unending, constant, and beautiful grace towards me.
It amazes me over and over again.

I am thankful for HIS strength,
I am more weak and pathetic than I ever imagined possible
Each shift I go on.... I see God at work.
Each time I go on shift.... I know God held me and strengthened me through the entire time.

I am thankful for trials.
No, I don't handle them as I should, but throughout every hard time God has brought me so much closer to Himself... I am thankful for that!

I am thankful for my family.... my one of a kind, wonderful, too good to be true family.
My heart aches... I miss them.
I've always known I was blessed with something very special... but being far away has made me have an even greater appreciation for what I have.

I am SO thankful for my mom.
She is a blessing from God.
She has been my counselor, confidant, friend....
She has listened to a crazy amount of tears... she hears my heart when I don't feel like moving on.
She has been a vessel that God uses to point me to truth and Himself. She has been a prayer warrior and truly my best friend.
I am so blessed....

I am thankful for every single girl in this program.
I love them all so much.... I love the amazing redeeming work He is doing in their life.
I love the love that God gives.... it is overwhelming.

I am thankful for this time.....
It is hard. ...
I am tired....
I can't do anything....


GOD is holding me
My SAVIOR is giving me life... abundant life!
I don't have to do anything... I am only a vessel for Jesus.

I am on a honeymoon with my Beloved Savior!
He is drawing me close to Himself, changing me, stretching me....

I miss what I had last year an awful lot....
But I wouldn't trade what God is doing now for the world.